A couple of years ago on a training course, I got asked by the students to demonstrate some of the slightly more fun elements of hypnotic phenomena that could be used in a therapeutic environment. As well as metaphoric benefits, these things are all useful as convincers and as evidence for them of their own responsiveness and hypnotisability, certainly ensuring your clients know they have been hypnotised.

Anyway, we have salvaged some of the footage from that recorded session in the classroom and I thought that as the content of the blog had been so focused on personal development, self-hypnosis and cognitive strategies recently, that we’d lighten things up a bit here.

The first part of the clip mainly is getting things set-up, framed and then formally inducing hypnosis.

Here is the second part, whereby the hypnotic phenomena begins:

Here is the final part, where the hypnotic phenomena is proven, tested and then we bring things to an end:

A bit of Friday fun there… I am off to teach my hypnotherapy diploma course this weekend, I hope you have a good one, I’ll be back next week.