I have already mentioned it on our social media channels, but wanted to write a little bit about this…. We are now offering full hypnotherapy practitioner training online. I shall not repeat the all the information that is included within the course prospectus, so follow any of the links on this page to go and immediately download a full prospectus which gives detailed information about fees, requirements, content etc.

I always consider it a great honour and privilege when anyone considers my college and I as a training provider, yet online training is this field is something I have been reticent about for many years. My business partner here, Keith, has been broadcasting throughout the weekend and I wanted to write something personally too.

I get so many emails and requests from people all over the world asking when I’ll be coming to that country, or that part of the world and though I have travelled far and wide over the years, having a young family and making the lifestyle choice I have made, it is impossible for me to get to all the destinations that we get requests from and I have just accepted that as reality over recent years.

I then get people travelling to Bournemouth here where I live and run my classes, who repeatedly tell Keith and I that they wish they had trained with me and my college from the beginning. These are people with a poor depth of knowledge and skill that are struggling to really have the sort of career they initially dreamed of in this field. It made me keen to find a solution.


As Keith asked me to consider offering online training in recent years, I initially balked at the idea because I was worried that it would not be able to offer the same very high standard that we adhere to in our classrooms and have become highly regarded for. I told Keith that we’d only do such a thing if we were able to still offer the very highest standard of training adhering to the very highest professional standards and offering the best education in this field.

With modern technology as it now is, we are able to deliver our hypnotherapy practitioner diploma course in distance learning format so anyone in the world can train with me. What’s more, we have spent a LOT of time beta-testing, tweaking, fine-tuning and working closely with our online students of the past year to ensure that the learning experience matches that of those attending real-life classes with me, and I wanted to explain how… Because I don’t think our previous announcements really encapsulate the lengths we have gone to. Let me explain:

1. The personal support you get as a distance learning student is exactly the same as if you attended our classrooms live. That is, we have online support groups set up for you to share thoughts, opinions, make requests and so on with other students who also took the distance learning option.

2. All my diploma course students, which now includes our distance learners, have feedback calls with me. When you submit your coursework in batches, we then schedule a call and go through it together. We analyse and discuss the subject, identify gaps in knowledge and talk about issues or challenges you may be facing regarding your hypnotherapy education.

3. Practical days can be attended on any of our courses for you to get some feedback on your skills if you’d like it. And heck, your family and friends may get fed up with you wanting to hypnotise just them all the time, so you can attend any day of our live course for free as part of your course fee.

We do all this and more to make you feel supported and as much a part of the community as you want, though none of it is obligatory.


I know many people have explored our online members area to get a flavour of what we offer in there, and I really wanted you to know the kind of access they have is currently a long way off what you get as a proper distance learning student with this college:

1. You get the full course manuals. This helps turns the classroom lectures into proper applicable knowledge and skill.

2. You get all the handouts for all the practical exercises that are carried out in class – you’ll know the exact wording used by those in class for those exercises you seen taking place and being explained.

3. You get support, interaction and feedback. We really bring your learning experience to life if you want it and ensure you have the support and sense of community that you;d get if you joined our real-life classes

4. You explore and read around the subject using a variety of additional resources that we point you towards too. I show you how to access a huge amount of resource online to offer more depth and dimension to your exploration of this fascinating field and ensure you have access to all the supplementary materials you could ever ask for.

Also, we have responded to the diversity and variety that people have in their lives, to adapt the distance learning diploma to suit individuals with differing needs. That is, if you have a demanding full-time job, or a busy family life (being Father to a 4 year old and a 3 year old, I know what that is like!!) then I realise you’ll perhaps prefer having plenty of time to spread out your study and do it at a leisurely pace. I also recognise that some people want to get qualified as quickly as possible, and start their new career that they are so excited about.

You can qualify as soon as you complete the coursework and case studies. However, you can choose to take up to two years to do so if you wish. You can then be as flexible as you’d like to be in order to fit your studies in around your lifestyle. We’ll help support you to achieve the diploma in whatever timeframe suits you.

If you have not done so, I urge you to read the course prospectus in full. Follow the links on this page and you can download the prospectus immediately. It may not be the sexiest or most alluring read, but it’ll give you an idea of what the course content is and it’ll explain to you how dedicated we are to adhering to evidence base and offering the most credible approach to this field which is often coloured by myth and misconception and filled with misinformation.

I hope I get to welcome you warmly to the college as a distance learner, and I send you my very best wishes in the meantime. I’ll be back with more full blown hypnosis geekery here again very soon.