Sooo… following what I believed to be the poorest piece of television, in a documentary about hypnotherapy here in the UK (read last months blog entries), today I am frothing at the mouth again as a result of this current band-wagon jumping by the ‘scientific’ community looking to highlight how everyone is being misled by alterntive therapy…

Why oh why is there so much contrasting opinion? I can’t stand these types of authors and so-called ‘professors’ parading themselves as snooty swots and egg-heads wanting, no -trying in vain, to send shockwaves through society about how much danger we are all in….

Today, the Daily Mail are promoting a new book, unfortunately, as a result of it stimulating me to write this today, I have inadvertently ended up promoting it too. Please ignore the book and the authors… Even the Daily Mail have sunk to giving their advertorial the title of “Are we being hoodwinked by alterntive therapies?” — I mean, what an insinuation?!

What they claim to be doing with this book, is saving us idiotic Joe Public from the charlatans working in alterntive medicine and uncovering ‘evidence’ to advise us what therapies and alternative medicine we should be trusting and what we should not.

I am not going to beat around the bush any further, here is what they say about hypnotherapy:

WHAT IS IT? The use of hypnosis, a trance-like state, for therapeutic purposes. In recent years, hypnotherapy has become recognised in several areas of healthcare — it is practised by several healthcare professionals, including psychologists, counsellors and doctors.

Hypnotherapists treat a range of chronic conditions, including pain, anxiety, addictions and phobias.

DOES IT WORK? Dozens of clinical trials show that hypnotherapy is effective in reducing pain, anxiety and the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. However, the evidence is that it’s not effective to help you stop smoking, even though it is frequently promoted in this context.

Ok, so it is not that bad, in fact, it even can be seen as good. Certainly in contrast to what they have said about other therapies and alternatives.

But, but, butttt… How on earth have they failed to read research such as this hypnosis article cited in the New Scientist?  

Basically, these two authors are doing a great job.. They are stirring up the public and folk like me, framing us all in their contrived manner so that they sell more copies of their pseudo-science claptrap book.

You know when they do those celebrity boxing matches for charity on TV? Well, if any remote satelite TV channel wants to put on one of those boxing matches with me and either of these authors, then please do so, get in touch…No-one is likely to be interested in watching it, however, I’ll use hypnotic techniques to train and they can use pseudo-science… Bring it!

Hmmm… Not the most evolved approach by me, eh?  😉

I am not going to write any more in-depth as I am simply promoting their book, if you read the Daily Mail article, then read it through the same frame of mind as you would when reading Jeffrey Archers legal defense!  

Hahahaha… I am off for some self-hypnosis and a cup of Camomile… What a spirited, invigorating start to the day.