The time has arrived, my first marathon of my five consecutive marathons is this Sunday in Brighton. For those of you interested in my progress or reading my race reports as they happen in coming weeks or reading a bunch of self-hypnosis techniques to help runners perform better, then you can do so at my Hypnosis for Running blog here.

I am not going to harp on today about my toils, challenges and training because you can read all that stuff there. However, if you are a hypnosis professional and would like to sponsor me just £10.00, you’ll get a copy of my unique ebook “THe FIrst Natural Born Hypnotist” featuring entries by myself, Trevor Silvester, Anthony Jacquin, James Tripp, Judy Rees, Jon Chase,Glenn Harrold, and many more.

All the money goes directly to the charity Mind.They provide support, research and education for those people suffering from psychological and emotional distress.

Please visit my charity page here.

Spare a thought for me on Sunday running the first 26.2 miler of the year, and knowing I have to do it all again for another 4 times in the following 5 weeks… Have a great weekend, I’ll be back next week.