My charity fundraising efforts start here. Earlier this year I ran London marathon yet again. In two weeks, my summer training efforts in the warmer temperatures than I am used to running in culminate as I run the tough and undulating New Forest marathon. Then it is onward with the training as I run the Portsmouth multi-terrain marathon the week before Christmas before the real training begins…

As of the new year, I shall be starting a new weekly running blog to chart my efforts and raising awareness of my challenge to run three marathons in succession – Brighton, London and Milton Keynes in successive weeks.

Why am I doing this? To raise money for a charity called Mind.

Mind has been speaking out for better mental health for 60 years and is the leading mental health charity in England and Wales. Mind works toward a better life for everyone with experience of mental or emotional distress.

Mind offer guidance and support, offer resources, are involved in communities and local programmes, lobby for welfare reform, offer training and awareness programmes – all in the field of mental healthcare.

If you know anyone that has suffered with mental health issues, I urge you to support this charity and my own efforts. Visit Adam Easons Charity Fundraising Page Here.

My training is underway; three marathons in 2011 spread over a longer period so that my legs are getting used to the exertions I will be placing upon them in April 2012.

I have trained in hot summer temperatures, dark winter mornings, the wind and rain of Autumn and the crispness of early Spring with steam coming off my head! I shall be running the steep slopes of the coastal zig-zags, speeding it at intervals around the local track and spending many hours each week trailing the miles of the south coast here… I have battled with shin splints, plantar fasciitis and fractured metatarsals… Whatever challenges the upcoming months bring, I’ll be training and dedicating myself to this cause.

Running in itself has been good for my soul… It has been good for my own mental health and when things have been tough in life, the time spent with myself on those long arduous training runs have been times when I have managed to overcome some hurdles, lift my spirits and understand myself a lot better.

I am therefore also doing all I can to help as many people as possible to run marathons and I shall be launching my own audio programme that uses the mind (along with hypnosis and therapeutic processes)  to advance anyone’s ability to run a marathon. Anyone sponsoring my efforts with this brilliant charity (to the tune of £40.00 or more) will get a free copy of my programme which is going to sell for over £80.00.

I’d love your support and really hope you can sponsor me and this brilliant charity. They make such a difference. Visit Adam Easons Charity Fundraising Page Here.