Just a short, weekend plug of a blog entry…Don’t usually blog at weekends, I just thought I’d serruptitiously sneak an entry in for soemthing completely different…

This October, I am running in the Great South run in aid of Cancer Research… It is all part of a series of many races I am running this winter in Lymington, Bournemouth, Somerly, Alton, Boscombe and Lordshill…In preparation for the marathon next year… No other races shall I be asking for sponsorship, though I shall be contributing all I can to Cancer research.

I know things are tight at the moment if you are are allowing the media to hypnotise you into believing their is a recession 😉 …  but anything you can possibly contribute would be greatly, greatly appreciated and very warmly received, just visit my charity sponsorship online page and you’ll be contributing directly to Cancer Reserarch by supporting me.

I have supported cancer charitys closely for a number of years and they are close to my heart for a wide variety of personal reasons.

Just visit my sponsorship page here!

Thank you very much in advance, have a wonderful weekend.