So yes indeed, while an array of glittering showbiz parties were being conducted in Hollywood yesterday with a bunch of Oscars having been awarded… I got gifted something very special too… While conducting my hypnotherapy training diploma yesterday, I got A Dorset Knob.

Well, not just one, an entire bag of them, here is a picture I took of them:

Dorset Knob
It says on the packet, that they are biscuits, but they aren’t… They are like roll-shaped melba toasts… Traditionally made from leftover dough which the bakers left in the cooling kiln overnight.

One of my current hypnotherapy diploma students, moved to Bournemouth when she began her studies and found herself asking me for advice on the good areas to live as she had stumbled across a pub on the outskirts of town called The Dorset Knob.

It was a running joke between us and yesterday she awarded me this bag of them, as a fond memento and a lovely joke… Though it was all I could do to stop other students from eating them yesterday!

So no… It is not something I get called and neither it is my nickname… I knew you were going to ask.   😉

Well you can shove your Oscars… I got a bag of Dorset Knobs…