So yesterday I ran the Great South Run in Southsea, Portsmouth on a crisp, sunny Autumn morning along the sea front with another 23,000 competitors.

This is about the closest I’ll ever get to the lead vehicle, as things got set-up in the morning:

And here is the start area getting organised as we sipped tea and groaned at the delicious smell of hot dogs wafting from the nearby stalls and watched big ships sail in and out of the docks… The docks area formed part of the early two miles of the run itself:

As we got into our start zones, here is a tempestuous looking chap that was really getting fired up ready for the race. If he was running anywhere near me, his devillish looking trident would help me speed up, that’s for sure.

Then… The famous queue for the toilets that you always get at these events! Interesting, eh?

Here we are, ready for the off… The good looking guy with me is one of my current Hypnotherapy Diploma students, doing his first ever competitive race:

I completed the race in 86 minutes, which considering I have ‘man-flu’ and have not been training hard for this season, I was delighted with. I got emotional when I saw Katie cheering me on and it made me really put in a strong last couple of miles.We have been through a lot together recently and my ever growing love for my wife definitely helped spurr me on.

Additionally, my official time includes me stopping for 3 minutes to use a public toilet!! All those energy drinks and caffeine boosters were ganging up on my bladder…

Here I am with my finishers medal at the end, bring on next years London marathon and the Ironman competition… Got a lot of training to do before then, but am feeling strong right now…

A thoroughly enjoyable day with some wonderful people and all kinds of fun shenanigans going on… Mildly marred by the traffic getting out of the area being hellish and a real nightmare, but the euphoria of the race prolonged and keeps me motivated for the long winter of training ahead.