When I went on my first date with Katie, we laughed about the fact that we use the same skin care treatments… Oh, the joys of first date small talking, eh? 😉

These days, as husband and wife, we buy the same stuff in bulk and love doing so. “Is Adam just discussing his own domestic habits today?” Nope, skin care is the brief topic today… I was not due to blog today as I have a busy one on the cards…

However, with my own hypnosis knowledge and understanding — have I been missing a skin-care trick?

I was reading this hypnosis blog article today by Janice Taylor and she finished off with this paragraph:  

Last but most definitely not least — according to Doris Day, MD, a dermatologist and clinical professor at New York University Medical School hypnosis treatments may limit wrinkles. As a certified hypnotist and person who has (for the past five years) and continues to practice hypnosis, I am happy to report that I am (pretty much) wrinkle-free and am working on a CD to share my techniques with you!

Well, I have uised hypnosis for helping reduce scar tissue, overcome acne, psoriasis and eczema … But I must have been overlooking the cosmetic and youth-enhancing benefits of all thsoe techniques by continually opting for bulk buys of Dermalogica’s skin care range…

Maybe it is because I am yet to have wrinkles… Or maybe I unconsciously think they’ll make me more distinguished when I do so… Or am I just rambling today?