Having got married earlier this year, Katie and I are now being asked almost every day, by just about everyone and anyone, when we are going to have a baby…

Heck, give us a break. We want to enjoy some married life together first!

As a result of everyone elses interest in this topic, I have naturally become quite interested myself and so was delighted to read about hypnosis being a very uccessful method for enhancing the chances of conceiving…

This hypnosis article at kiddicare website states:

A survey has found that the success rate of women who used natal hypnotherapy alongside IVF treatment to conceive was 17 per cent higher than the national figure.

Research has shown that one in every 80 babies born in the UK is a result of IVF treatment.

The procedure has become increasingly common among British couples, with one in seven experiencing difficulty conceiving a child.

Commenting on the benefits of natal hypnotherapy during the IVF process, one woman said: “The CDs really helped me to focus on my treatment, to remain calm and positive, and to be confident. Once I did get pregnant, I was in complete shock for about four months!”

Another woman who tried the therapy as a companion to treatment revealed: “The CDs were a huge help in relaxing me and making me feel more in control during the process. I became pregnant at the third attempt.”

At present the success rate of IVF treatment for women under the age of 35 stands at 29 per cent.

I have read an incredible amount of documented evidence that shows how the mind affects anyone’s abilityto conceive… Makes sense to learn how to use it to its maximum potential and help instead of hinder, doesn’t it?