It is nealry upon us once again… Valentines day. The time when suddenly all the glossy magazines and newspapers, ezines and blog entries get littered with wonderful advice for enhancing the romance in your life… I am joining in that valentine fervour rather early this year… Though I’ll do more next week, today I wanted to share some of THE most hypnosis inducing things you can say to connect and melt hearts… Heck not just for Valentines day, but for any day…

I would hasten to add that as with most hypnotic language, you need to mean what you say in order for it to convey it’s true depth and have the desired effect… These are no cheap tricks to be purveyed by wannabe Cassanova’s or seducers…

Many relationship experts would say communication is the key, and that it should be at the heart of any loving relationship. Sadly, it is so often the case that we remain inarticulate in the love department and find ourselves unable to put into words what we feel in our hearts.

Today, I offer you some themes and statements that can say to your sweetheart that may well help you convey the depth of your love and endearment:

First up, in one of my favourite films “As Good As It Gets,” with the mighty Jack Nicholson, his character says to Helen Hunt’s waitress character, “I’m a better man when I’m with you,” and I swear most women and a large section of us fellas sigh upon hearing that line delivered in that meaningful way. It’s a line and a theme you can use and elaborate on.

Secondly, whisk the person off in time and space and have them reeling with loving delight by starting a sentence with “I fell in love with you when…” and you just fill in the next bit. Reminding each other of one of the sweetest times, when your love was at it’s embryonic stage creates a truly romantic air. it also creates trance-like hypnosis sensations as you drift back, and it triggers all those joyous sensations you had at that time… Like they were happening now, once again.

Thirdly, share with your loved one something special that he or she once told you. It could be an experience from his or her childhood or something your love revealed in the beginning of your relationship.

Fourth, you may want to tell your intended that you want him or her to be the father or mother of your children. This is not something to be said lightly or frivolously, say it only if you are committed for a long period of time!

Next up, “you’re the one” may be the most romantic and declarative statement you can make to the person you love. Short and sweet, but it covers just about everything, and is such a beautiful statement due to the way in which it is translated by the recipient to fit their own meaning of it. It is very special in a number of ways.

The sixth thing is something i talk about and write about often. the word because is incredibly influential when used in all manner of environments. So don’t just say “I love you,” but add “because…” and give your reason. Your other half may (and perhaps really ought to) know that you love him or her. Saying why from time to time lets them know that you really mean it. it validates the statement and also shows the level of thought you have given.

The seventh loving communication is to tell your partner that if you could do it all over again, you’d still pick him or her. As life goes on, it may not always seem to live up to the dreams and fantasies that come our way through media and other sources… As the pressures of life get to us, some may even daydream about restarting their lives. Letting your other half know that you would want to be together, no matter what, feels great to both of you.

Next up is the way to extinguish a particular foible that may grate… over time, the filter that once only allowed you to see all those endearing, beautiful and exciting things about your partner, can turn the other way and you notice the stuff that grates you… So the next time your loved one does something that grates you, let him or her know that although upon occasion you may dislike some of the things he or she does, your love is unconditional. Your love is there regardless!

Penultimately, highlight the good stuff as and when it happens… Instead of life being something you refer to in the past before you realise it as golden, when you find yourself having a deeply moving experience with your lover, say to him or her, “No matter what happens in my life, I will always cherish this moment. I’ll remember this amazing time we’re having right now.” It creates a great memory for both of you, in that moment. It is in the bank! You have more harmony stored up, which is marvellous thing.

Finally today… “I look forward to growing old with you” may be the most affirming statement you can make to your other half. I said this to my wife when I proposed, when we got married and on our first wedding anniversary, I mean it still and I can’t think of anything more romantic. You’ve seen those fabulous old couples sitting on a bench, or walking hand in hand and had that thought about you wanting to experience that in years to come, haven’t you… So say so.

Honest and sincere communication is surely one of the most precious gifts you can give to your other half. Sharing your life with someone you truly love, and with whom you can really talk to, is a blessing for sure…. So use the free gift of language and dispense it with meaning, depth and love this Valentines day and thereafter of course.