So with the Christmas climax just about on our doorstep, I have had less time for blogging… WHile I have not been sat at my desk, lots of media snippets have occurred in the world of hypnosis and I thought I’d pick up on a handful today…

Before I do that, I wanted to point out what has to be the most lame piece of advice in a supposed advice column… Someone asked for a solution to blushing…

You have experienced it haven’t you? I mean, if you are a regular reader here, the chances are that you are a good person, very likely to be empathetic, and if you encountered someone who blushed when you met them, you’d do all you could to not notice it, or be at ease and considerate… The point is that whatever you do and however you react to that blushing individual — they know you have seen it happeneing. When they know you ave seen them blushing… They blush more and go more red and feel hotter…

The biofeedback of human interaction is never more visible than when someone blushes, it is a very open way to illustrate how the mind works… It is created by the individual mind and is made worse or better with that mind… So hypnosis and hypnotherapy are an obvious choice for overcoming blushing… Let me explain why this was a very lame advice column then…

You see, this advice column in the Daily Record by Joan Burnie replied and said:

A BLUSHING is one of those things which, although it may appear fairly trivial to others, is rotten for those who suffer from it.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to control as it’s an involuntary reaction. In fact, the more you try to stop it, the worse it can get. Nor is there any sure-fire cure.

Sometimes, therapy helps, as does hypnosis. I’d see what your GP recommends. About the only comfort I can offer is that you will be far more aware of it than others and it should improve as you get older. Sorry.


That was well worth writing in for, wasn’t it? Cracking advice there… At least she mention hypnosis, so she ot away with a minor tongue lashing from me today…

Not only can therapy and hypnosis help… They do help. End of.

There is great news this week though… Let me quote this hypnosis article in the Sunday Mail first:

A DENTIST who hypnotises his patients has been named Britain’s best.

Dr Mike Gow was crowned top dentist last week at the Dentistry Awards 2008.

The 32-year-old is based at the Berkeley Clinic in Glasgow. He uses hypnosis to treat patients who have a phobia about treatment.

He said: “I am honoured and delighted to have won.

“I am going to use this opportunity to promote the importance of phobia management and hypnosis.”

This is wonderful to see… A dentist being acclaimed for his use of hypnosis in his work and for him to champion hypnosis so well is terrific. I really hope that other dentists start to become more aware of the value of hypnosis and it becomes more prevalent within the medical field.

So fianlly, I thought I’d mention her again… The ultimate champion of hypnosis who has been mentioned in this blog lots of times, Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie featured in the Times Online again this week. Here is what this hypnosis article had to say:

Smoking’s a no-no, but you have admitted to a drugs problem in the past …

I’m so glad that’s over and I hope I helped some people by being open with it. It was therapeutic for me to talk about because you’re only as sick as your secrets. I went to a lot of Narcotics Anonymous meetings and basically learnt what I was doing to myself. I used hypnotherapy as well. I still have the same hypnotherapist — that’s almost ten years now.

So therapy is for life, not just for Christmas?

Oh yes. I do it now just for life in general though. I’m a huge believer in therapy, it’s a very positive thing.

I love Fergie’s attitude to therapy and the benefits of hypnotherapy… It is fabulous for our field to keep getting her public support and advocacy…

Ok, I’ll be writing tomorrow before signing off for the festive season… Until then, cheerio 🙂