Well what a time it has been in the world of hypnosis and hypnotic phenomena… With me having been on holiday it has taken me a wee while to update myself with the world of hypnosis… Here goes anyway…

Those of us in the UK will have seen Derren Brown dazzling us with all kinds of things in his recent series “The Events” shown here on Channel 4. last week Derren used subliminal and hypnotic recordings to get people stuck to their chairs at home while watching his show. For some people it worked too well…

This hypnosis article in the Daily Star tells of how one man was stuck to his chair for twelve hours! The article states:

TV FAN Johnathan Whitfield was stuck to his chair for 12 hours after being hypnotised by illusionist Derren Brown.

He was left watching the Channel 4 show How To Control The Nation while partner Katie Lunn went out.

But Katie, 23, returned at midnight to find Johnathan immobile after watching Brown’s latest trick which he claimed would leave viewers unable to leave their seats.

Tipsy Katie thought the 26-year-old was fooling around and collapsed into bed.

But she was stunned when she woke alone next morning and then found Johnathan downstairs still transfixed by the screen and complaining of needing the toilet.

Brown, 38, played a video near the end of the show which he claimed would free anyone who was stuck. But Johnathan said this had no effect on him.

Katie, of York, said: “He was just saying, ‘I’m stuck, I’m stuck, I need the loo’. I didn’t have a clue what to do so I texted a friend who I knew had watched it.

“She said Derren played a video at the end to free people. Luckily, Dave had also recorded the show so I found it, played it and he managed to get to his feet.”

Johnathan said: “It was dreadful. I can see the funny side of it now but at the time I wanted to sue him.

“I needed the toilet and was in agony for hours but I just couldn’t get out of the chair. I’ve never been hypnotised but I imagine that’s exactly what it feels like.”

Spot on. That is exactly how hypnosis feels. Like your baldder is going to burst and you want to sue someone. 😉

Next up this week, baby Spice herself, Emma Bunton has experienced some hypnosis for a new TV show she is starring in. According to this hypnosis article at Thaindian News, which says:

Former Spice Girl Emma Bunton reportedly fell under the spell of a hypnotist as part of a new U.K. TV show.

The pop star, known as Baby Spice, was purportedly sent into the trance state for forthcoming show ‘Celebs Behaving Strangely’.

The singer was allegedly one of several famous faces led on to think “she’s not famous at all” by a magician.

“Everything is done for the amusement of the viewers,” Contactmusic quoted a source as telling Britain’s The Sun.

“We’ve even hypnotised a group of celebs and sent them back to school,” the source added.

Hmmm… Sounds like a show I will genuinely look out for.

I am delighted to read about a wonderful couple in Bamford here in the UK that have raised a ton of cash for a cancer care facility and part of the money raised is being used to employ a hypnotherapist to help ease chemotherapy reaction. This article at the Rochdale Observer states:

Anne and Peter Needham, of Bury Road, Bamford, launched their Laughter for Life appeal five years ago after their daughter Liz lost her battle against breast cancer at the age of 32.

The appeal, named after Liz’s zest for life, has helped to pay for specialist breast cancer equipment for Christie Hospital, where Liz was a patient.

It has also paid the wages of a physiotherapist for a year and the family is now hoping to provide a hypnotherapist for a full week to help put patients beginning chemotherapy at ease.

I am certain the hypnotherapist would offer some cut-price fees.

I’ll be back to updating every week from here onwards, so will be back with more hypnosis related stuff in the news next week… 🙂