I am off on holiday later this week as I prepare for all the action for begin later this month… My new hypnotherapy diploma training course and several other big projects about to burst into life… The holiday is going to get me rejuvenated and ready for it all… So not a huge blog today despite much activity in the hypnosis and hypnotherapy world, there are a couple of items I’ll mention today…

Our very own Prince Harry is the latest Royal to turn to hypnotherapy! Yes indeed, Prince Harry has turned to hypnotherapy to help him stop smoking… Good on you Harry; a red head and open to hypnotherapy, we are akin!

I must say, I can’t imagine Harry popping to the local newsagents and asking for “20 Benson’s please mate” but that is not the point today… So far then, he is simply reading a book in his mission to overcome his addiction to cigarettes… He is thumbing through Paul McKenna’s book to help him… So not really turning to hypnotherapy, is he?

Apparently, he is reported to be smoking up to 20 cigarettes a day, and he desperately wants to stop smoking after he began smoking due to stress of his Royal Air Force and Helicopter Training Course… You can read the full story in this hypnosis article at M&G website.

A source told Britain’s News of the World newspaper: “He has been feeling the pressure, and as a result he has turned back to cigarettes.

“Harry knows that it doesn’t look good to younger people who look up to him. He is really trying to quit.”

Well, good luck Prince Harry… If you want a proper hypnotherapy solution, I am here.

Next up, this article at the Telegraph newspaper is advocating the use of NLP to get over post-holiday blues. Among several other tips for getting over your holiday ending, here is what they suggest:

Relive the memory

Pretend you’re still on holiday. Close your eyes and paint a picture in your mind of sea, sand and smiling faces. Next year, try NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming. As Clive Teal from the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine (www.icnm.org.uk) says, ”NLP teaches us that feelings and emotions can be anchored on to the body. When you’re on holiday and experiencing a really profound feeling of peace, press the tips of your ring finger and thumb together.” Do this when you come back, and the feeling will return.

Come off it. How is that snippet going to help anyone do anything?

I can’t stand people attempting to offer up these media-friendly attempts at pseudo-personal development… Anyone reading that without any understanding of NLP is likely to think that it is a load of nonsense and be incorrectly educated about it altogether, aren’t they?

Ok, we’ll get right back into the hypnosis detailed news when I get back from my holidays, have fun, bye for now…

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