As of today… And then every Wednesday… I am going to be highlighting the hypnosis that is in the news or events going on in my beloved field of hypnosis… Or hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis and personal development…

Here is the pick of the bunch, the cream of the crop… Which I think is suggestive as to the overall quality of the crop this week.

This week, quite rightly spotted in the Odd News section of Yahoo, is the story that a South Korean hypnotist has been fined for stealing a kiss on a blind date with a woman he thought he had successfully put in a trance, news reports said Thursday. The report states:

The 32-year-old man suggested hypnotizing his 27-year-old date during their first meeting arranged by a matchmaking agency in August last year, according to the Dong-a Ilbo newspaper and Yonhap news agency.

The woman was eventually persuaded, and the hypnotist chanted: “Black hole! You will plunge deeper into a trance. You will feel thrilled all over your body and if my hand touches your body, you will feel intense pleasure.”

When the man, identified only by his surname, Park, thought his technique had worked, he went to kiss her.

But the woman was fully alert, though her eyes were closed, and she pushed him away. Later, she filed accusations that he had sexually harassed her, the reports said.

Now, of all the seductive hypnotic lines I can think of, screaming the words ‘Black Hole!’ had not figured in any distant thoughts of mine whatsoever… Maybe he was using the element of surprise, maybe using terror inducement as an alternative hypnosis induction, or a clever pattern interupt of some kind, eh? 😉

And really… Using the word ‘plunge’ ??? Hahaha… What would anyone associate with that word? I think there is a comedy sketch in the making here…  Next time, maybe he should scream “bonsai!” Or screech that he intends to ‘dunk her into a vat of hypnosis’ – hahaha…

Here in the UK,there was some fabulous news when a woman from east Hull who hiccuped every day for six years said she had finally been cured by a hypnotherapist. in this hypnosis article at Hull’s local news website, they state:

Amanda Weston, 41, wrote to the Mail asking for help after suffering from six bouts of hiccups a day, with each one lasting for up to 20 minutes.

Amanda, a cleaner, said the condition caused so much embarrassment she had to walk out of shops and get off buses to wait for her hiccups to subside.

After reading her story, Sheila Granger from the Trance Actions Hypnotherapy Service in Beverley contacted the Mail to offer her services for free.

And following her first session with Sheila, Amanda has had several hiccup-free days followed by a day when she had just one single hiccup.

Good work… Although the photo at the article does make them both look like they are training to become airline pilots… Still, nice work Sheila, good to see a hypnotherapist showing some initiative during these financial times of strife and woe!

Finally for this week… (In my mind I adopted the tone of a newsreader as I typed that “and finally tonight…”)

An intriguing hypnosis article here at the San Bernadino Sun, tells of Sasha Carrion, a woman attempting to overcome a lifetime of trauma.

Despite being 30 years since her mother disappeared – murdered, she believes, by her own father – Sasha has been using hypnosis to deal with it. She states:

“My whole life was absolutely centered on getting justice for my mother’s murder,” said Carrion, who was so moved by her emotional transformation that she became a hypnotherapist. “It had consumed me.”

Hypnosis, a process by which a person enters a state of deep relaxation and heightened suggestibility, helped Carrion heal by allowing her to let go of her past.

Sasha Carrion’s story is a great one… Many hypnotherapists enter the field through their own journey and often through a therapeutic journey of personal development. Sasha tells of the array of benefits she gained from hypnosis and hypnotherapy through the years and it makes for some great reading.

Ok, there was a bunch of other stuff this week, but none of it really stepping out of the banal or downright boring… So I’ll be back writing about the week in hypnosis next Wednesday too… 🙂