My focus is elsewhere today. It is on my other blog. Oh, yes, I have a mistress blog. This one is going green as I type these words…

Hypnosis for Running, my new blog, will be seeing a lot more action in coming weeks, but is all set up and ready to go, my intentions for it are logged on the first entry that has been written there today. If you are interested, go and have a read. (The very first blog entry has a photo of me after my very first marathon over 10 years ago, I look very young!)

At the same time, my new hypnosis for running audio programme has been launched, I shall not repeat everything I say on the page explaining what it is all about, so if you have any tiniest interest in running and how to be better at it using your mind, then have a good read to what it is all about.

In the meantime, a slightly belated Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends celebrating that currently and I wish you all a fabulous weekend…. I’ll be back next week.