Yes I do indeed get asked a lot about the best hypnosis books to buy to help become a hypnotherapist and learn hypnosis.

Here are the hypnosis books that I would most recommend, the important stuff for hypnotherapists and students of hypnosis:

Hartlands Medical and Dental Hypnosis by Heap and Aravind
Essentials of Clinical Hypnosis by Kirsch and Lynn
Handbook of Hypnotic Suggestions and Metaphors by Corydon Hammond et al

For those interested in stage hypnosis and mentalism:

Encylopaedia of Stage Hypnotism by Ormond McGill
The Secrets of The Amazing Kreskin by Kreskin, of course.

Medical and scientific importance:

Science and Pseudoscience in Clinical Psychology by Lynn, Lilienfield and Lohr (If your surname does not begin with the letter L, you are not allowed in their gang)
DSM-IV – The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, the fifth edition is due out next year.

History of Hypnosis:

Hidden Depths by Robin Waterfield
The Discovery of Hypnosis: The Complete Writings of James Braid by Donald Robertson

For an exhaustive text on NLP:

The Encylopaedia of Systemic Neuro Linguistic Programming and NLP New Code by Dilts and DeLozier

And I forget the book I referred to about self-hypnosis…

There are others I like, but all the above I love and deem important to the hypnosis student.

I am more than happy for others to share their favourites here too 🙂