Hypnosis has featured in the news a few times as of late and I had to share just a couple of these stories with you.

Firstly, as you can read in this article over at the Hounslow Chronicle, Brentford goalkeeper Richard Lee has been benefiting from hypnosis and hypnotherapy, the article states:

IF YOU see Richard Lee go into a trance during games, don’t fear – hypnosis is they key behind his recent good form.

The Brentford keeper has only played four games this season, helping the Bees to wins in all four, and was the hero of penalty shoot-out victories over Everton and Leyton Orient.

And the former Hornets stopper has put it all down to a recent encounter with Watford-based hypnotist Dave Sabat.

He said: “’I’ve seen Dave four times now prior to each game, and the impact he has had on my game has been immense.

“I needed a boost, and since seeing him I’ve never felt more focused during a game in my life, and I think my last four performances are proof of that.

This is marvellous stuff, I am delighted to read about.

The other striking story is a tad more unusual and involves the X-Factor contestants benefiting from hypnotherapy… At least hypnotherapy in the most unusual manner… Well, if I am honest, it is not really hypnotherapy, despite them saying it is so… In this article over at OK magazine, they state the following:

X Factor 2010 bosses are so worried about this year’s contestants forgetting their lyrics on the live shows that they’re trying a new technique.

X Factor 2010 stars Mary Byrne and Katie Waissel crumbled under the pressure at the Judges’ Houses and forgot their words.

And so in order that no-one else suffers the same fate live on stage, bosses have called in a load of pillows to help them.

In case you’re wondering how pillows can do anything other than put the wannabe singers to sleep, we have it on good authority that these are not just ANY old pillows.

Each act has been given a high-tech Sound Asleep pillow containing speakers inside that can be hooked up to a sound system.

The idea is that contestants can lie down on the soft fluffy items and learn their lines while relaxing – and can even play them while they are asleep.

Nervous finalists can use the gadget to calm their nerves by playing soothing meditation tracks or hypnotherapy through the cotton .

So now, you no longer need a hypnotherapist to experience hypnotherapy… You just need a fancy pillow to talk at you ‘through the cotton.’ Lovely stuff.

Ok, just a simple blog entry today… Have a good one folks…