No one knows your truth but you. If you’re secure in yourself, no one and no(thing) can touch you.” ― Brittany Burgunder

Finding yourself and knowing who you truly are gives you so much – when we get to know anyone better, we learn to trust, connect and be more intimate with that person, for example. The same is true of getting to know and understand oneself. Our own ability to see ourselves is also significant as we develop and discover our motivation throughout everyday life. There is consistently space for learning new things and investigating new aspects of ourselves and our lives. As we enter the various stages life offers up, we may need to re-examine ourselves and learn more about who we really are in order to be most effective, and happy.

At the point when you know yourself, you come to know what encourages you to oppose negative propensities and foster great ones. You’ll have the knowledge to realise what drives you, what boosts your willpower, your levels of toleranceyou’re your comprehension of other people and life in general. Your attention to your own shortcomings and battles can assist you with identifying your true self. These past years dealing with the pandemic, for example, have seen many of us face challenges and struggles that we had not expected, we can utilise these challenging times and reflect to know more about who we are.

Knowing what your identity is, can be the initial phase in discovering latent capabilities and your capacity for achieving more. For example, you can choose what you need to become when you know what you can do, and test your former perceived boundaries along the way. At the point when you are mindful and self-aware you can constantly study yourself, and make insightful choices for your life.

Here are a couple of great ways by which you can uncover who you truly are.

●     Difficulties uncover who you truly are;

Permitting yourself to be uncovered and discovered by yourself when faced with adversity can be a tough encounter (with yourself) but is also ultimately worthwhile. To truly know yourself as well as other people, what you resemble and how you respond when you encounter adversity can help you to uncover your personality and more in your most difficult situations.

It may very well be because of catastrophe, a moment of misfortune, some frustration, or even death or separation. All of which can be genuinely heartbreaking and disturbing chapters of your life. This is also a time that you can discover and uncover who you truly are. Reflect upon what you did, how you reacted, the person you were. Then consider how you respond to the person you found. Do you stay the same, do you need to update, what might you do differently next time? Experiential learning in response to adversity helps us know who we are and gives us a chance to create who we become thereafter. 

●     How you act when you’re vexed;

How do you respond to the challenges of life? If getting disturbed or frustrated includes you taking your anger out on others, you may be uncovering aspects of yourself that you do not necessarily like and are not proud of. You may see what others see as you learn more about yourself, and this can advance or hamper your relationships.

We can all benefit from being mindful of how we behave or react with others when challenged, annoyed, frustrated or not achieving that which we wish to achieve. Seeing this in ourselves enables us to understand ourselves and even start to recognise our true self. It will not necessarily be as simple for everybody. Recognise how you edit your experience, the biases and heuristics you have that flavour the way you colour yourself and you’ll start to know the real you.

●     The sorts of connections you seek;

Start to note the kinds of connections that you seek and what that reflects about you. What do these people represent, do they have aspects in common? Are your needs being highlighted by the connections you seek?

What do you gain from these connections, how were these connections created, how do they enrich you, benefit you, or cause you issues and problems?

By examining the connections you have in your life, you’ll learn a great deal about your self when you examine them rigorously and honestly.   

●     How you approach your biggest disappointments;

Your disappointments don’t characterise you, yet many people define themselves through failures and upsets. You shouldn’t flounder in self-indulgence or rebuff yourself for the barriers that may have impeded your progress occasionally. In any case, how you approach those battles will uncover what you are made of and who you truly are.

The challenges, problems and disappointments you have faced along the way offer you a chance to grow; they are all ideal opportunities to investigate your thoughts, your behaviours, the person you are and your character. Your biggest disappointments can become the beginnings of your most noteworthy accomplishments.

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●     How you contend;

Do you battle in life, do you compete? Or do you set your own standards and simply choose to advance yourself? How you contend in life will tell you much about who you are and help you greatly to traverse life more effectively. 

Be available, transparent. Try not to keep track of who’s winning and don’t expect people to read your mind and likewise don’t attempt to do that of others. If you experience conflicts, or competition, seek to learn more about yourself throughout. 


Throughout life, we change as we age, of course we do. The means by which we think, what our perspectives are, how we like to have fun, who we need to spend time with, what activities we like, how we need to manage our life, and so on. These things make up what your identity is. Research carried out by Kernis and Goldman (2006) on the subject of authenticity, states that authenticity is one of the unrestricted functions of one’s true self. The benefits of knowing oneself are profound, and seeking to be authentic and congruent with our true self lead to many other benefits. 

Getting to truly know ourselves can be a befuddling time when you begin to discover and uncover who you truly are. It is very worthwhile to set time aside to reflect and understand oneself. An opportunity to get yourself. It’s a period where you devote time to appreciate being who you are and what is unique about you too. You get to travel inside yourself, to someplace new without anyone else; so go figure out how to be yourself, and figure out how to adore yourself.


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