Well I hope you have all had wonderful Christmas celebrations (those of you readers that do actually celebrate Christmas, that is)… I have not been around since Christmas Eve… I have been resting, recuperating, eating, drinking and spending lots of time with family, friends and most importantly lots of quality time with my beautiful wife… This is my last blog entry of the year… 

As I prepare for the New Year with renewed energy and vigour and put many plans in place for what I hope will be another glorious year, I have been reflecting a little bit on the year just gone.

Maybe it is because I am getting older, but the year does seem to have zipped by in a blink! This year has undoubtedly been the most wonderful year of my life… I got married to the lvoe of my life, I moved to our wonderful new home, I had another beautiful niece and nephew born, I visited some amazing parts of the world, my business grew and I had the best business year in my company’s history — despite the gloom mongering in the media about our financial plight!

So much happened this year… It is with some fondness that I leave this hypnotic trance of glancing lazily, full of glee upon 2008’s goings on… And now start looking forward to the brightness glowing on the horizon.

My heartfelt thanks to those of you that read my blog regularly. Thanks to those of you that read my ezine, and even more thanks to those of you that inspire me to keep writing it in all manner of ways… Thanks to those of you that listen to my weekly podcast and do not groan too loudly at my weekly joke… My thanks to my students who I grew close bonds with this year, and those guys all over the world in my members area who offer so much and make it such a delightful place to be.

In the New Year, I have a new book being puiblished, new audio collaborations, some exciting speaking events, and I am going to be running my courses in 3 other continents before Summer… I can’t wait to see the efforts in my garden starting to bloom and fill out, I can’t wait to see who will be my football teams new coach and manager, I can’t wait for my trip to Ireland for a family wedding, a trip to Cornwall for May Day celebrations with my wife, the first full Summer with my home fully fixed up and ready to host barbequeues.

This is a glorious period in my life. I hope you are choosing to pan for gold too. Remind yourself of all the wonderment your life offers… Remind yourself what there is to look forward to… Remind yourself that if you need a nudge or a full-on kick up the backside from time to time that I shall be here ready to hold your hand through that if you’d like me too.

Thank you for being any kind of small part of my 2008 and I look forward to you being part of my 2009. Later this morning, I am off for a moderate pub crawl with my best friend, my best man, yes, my brother… We are meeting some funny characters along the way before we rendez-vouz with our wives for a 5 course banquet at a local restaurant with a band and much shenanigans before we see the New Year in…

I’ll be back in full throttle hypnosis action as of Monday, though shall surely poke my head around the door on Friday just to check all is well with the world.

Much love to you all. Have a truly wonderful New Year celebration. Cheerio 🙂