Over the past week, there has been a glorious plethora of hypnosis-related articles and a brilliant array of successful uses of hypnosis punctuating the media and I thought I’d simply spend today pointing some fabulous things out to you…

I was going to do it yesterday, but then something else obscured my vision somewhat 😉

Danny Penman, simply an amateur self-hypnotist, used self-hypnosis technique to deal with the pain of a broken knee that occurred after a hand gliding accident. Fabulous, eh? Wonder if he read my book to learn how to do that? Apparently he did this several years ago.

He didn’t read my book. Because the process he used was very rudimentary and the use of language selected with himself when he was applying his self-suggestion was not as Iwould recommend or getting incredibly powerful results… Yet, with some determination and barely any knowledge of the subject, this man overcame great odds and great pain. It jut shows how capable we really are when we apply the resources of our mind.  

In the rest of this article in the Mail Online he suggests that hypnosis could be the future for surgery… Considering the seemingly violent effects of drug-induced anaesthesia and the seemingly miraculous effects of hypnosis-induced anaesthesia, you’d think it would be far more viable as becoming a proper option at hospitals… But I guess all the anaesthetists who have trained for years may not agree with me… It is a very thought provoking article and gives some fabulous history of hypnosis used through the years by people like James Esdaille doing amputations using only hypnosis for anaesthesia!

It is becoming more and more prevalent apparently, more people than ever suffer from bowel inflammation due to ulcerative colitis, I bet you know at least one or more people with these kinds of issues or that has had them, don’t you?

Well, this recent study from Barts and the London, Queen Mary School of Medicine and Dentistry demonstrated that a hypnosis session less han one hour long, focusing on relaxation and inflammation reduction helps reduce the actual inflammation by over 50%. That is massive! There was virtually no change in the group who went without hypnosis. The study shows some major opportunities for hypnosis development in conventional healthcare… again. You can get  far better run down of this at Sophie Nicholls blog where she writes in detail about this study.

This hypnosis article at the LA Times shows that hypnosis is going to be on show at the Olympics and I will be supporting this chap… US shotputter, Adam Nelson is going for  gold this Summer — he has some silver ones already! Nelson is now using hypnosis to help him up his game a notch or two to really chuck that shot futher than ever! I for one will be hoping he wins a gold medal. Hypnotist Pete Siegel is working with him on this. In the photo, they could be Father and Son!

Pete Siegel is using various sports enhancement and peak performance techniques with Adam, I love eading baout this, having worked with many athletes myself. I was particularly interested in reading about the resistance Nelson had to the idea of using hypnosis from friends and family and I was delighted to read about how he feels it has helped him achieve a great deal already.

There has been stacks more I could have regurgitated from the past week too, it is so nice to have that luxury of choice of which wonderful things to comment on and write about… The proliferation of good hypnosis application is gratifying indeed.

Aaahhh… I am happy again and all is well in hypnosis land today…