Last Saturday was my first day off for a while and had organised a day out with a group of people I fondly refer to as ‘the lads’ for a day filled with simple pleasures.

We met at the pub, discussed football and banded around some footy trivia (can you name the 7 surnames shared by black and white skinned England international players, for example. i.e. Cole – Ashley and Joe; there are 6 others) and then walked to watch the game between Bournemouth and Hartlepool.

This game also was Bournemouth AFC’s centenary – 100 years of being at Dean Court – their home ground. They have existed as a club for much longer, but have been in the official football league at Dean Court for a century now… So just as the players were about to walk on to the pitch, I recorded it all to give you a taste of the sheer drama and maginificence of the celebrations that were going on:

[qikvideo id=”ceb39f7a70984d85a0df07924d8ca70b&amp”]

You are probably quite taken aback by it all.

Did you spot the 7 away team fans that were present?

A very grand event indeed.

I suspect you may notice and sense the irony in my writing today… And yes, league one football is of a pretty poor standard. Yes, the celebrations were modest. Yes, we went to a drab pub in an area close to the ground considered by some as unsavoury, where we drank cheap pints with the locals. Not quite like going to a Premiership match.

I even shouted some rude banter at one of the Hartlepool players, poking fun at the colour of his boots (I suggested he borrowed them from his girlfriend) and he gestured at me to shut up! Haha, only in the lower leagues do you get players reactions!

We had post-match beers, then went for a curry and discussed nothing of huge consequence, just more footy talk, banter and joviality.

For me, it was nothing short of an absolute joy. I loved every second. Great company. Nothing pretentious. Absolute fun and much laughter. Simplicity.

Sometimes in life, it really is the simple stuff that makes me feel the best.

All in all, just what the doctor ordered after a few very manic working weeks.

We’ll be back on topic tomorrow…