This morning, I am sat under a mountain of marking and assessment for my hypnotherapy diploma students and am running my hypnotherapy practitioner diploma this weekend, so have not got enough time to really get my teeth into a substantial blog edition here today.

I thought I’d just share with you a snippet from one of the more laughable mid-term election debates happening in the US in recent weeks, particularly amusing as far as I am concerned. This article over at News Busters, (whose strapline is – exposing and combating liberal media bias) states:

Chris Matthews must be really pleased with himself, after accusing Rep. Michele Bachmann of being under hypnosis, in his now famous election night skirmish with the Minnesota Congresswoman, as he attached that description to yet another Republican on Thursday night’s Hardball. After noting that Ben Quayle won his congressional race, Matthews went on to play a clip of one of his ads, after which he blurted: “God. Is he under hypnosis?”


So much to say, so little time.

Ok, once I have stopped wanting to ask the question “under what exactly?” and highlight this incessant uneducated need of people to liken being hypnotised as being ‘under’ or unconscious, or in a state of total anaesthesia, I looked at the supposition of his sentence.

He is suggesting that if someone is hypnotised, they are incapable of making intelligent or wise decisions. In fact, if anything, and if the truth be examined, asking if Quayle is “under hypnosis” might suggest that he is making more informed and better choices.

Why do none of the UK politicians entertain us in this manner?

I’ll be back next week, enjoy your  weekend, I know I certainly will.