I am back in the office after a wonderful period of time away. We had an active, fun-packed time together as a family, with lots of adventure, fresh air and laughter. It would not be right to suggest it was a relaxing period of time, heck, with my 3 and 4 year-old in tow, it is pretty full-on all the time.

Being with them all day every day, seeing them grow and develop, and being around other families, and people leading happy lives really inspired me. I find my children incredibly inspiring. If ever I am stuck on a project or drawing a blank with a problem, I tend to think on it when I am running, discuss it with friends, peers and colleagues, and I also just go and play with my children. I come away feeling inspired.

It got me thinking about what inspiration is and a range of different ways that we can all get inspired more often. When we get inspired we take action, we enjoy what we do and the journey is altogether more enjoyable.

Having got back into the office yesterday, I was scheduling appointments and realized that it is now the month of May, which means June is next month…. 2016 is almost half way through! It only just began, didn’t it?

How are we getting on with progressing our aims for the year? How is the year going? Is there a lack of momentum? You may have come across people who have a lack of inspiration. In my work it is very common to encounter people lacking inspiration, as well as encountering a great many people brimming over with it.

Many people have their goals and know what needs to be done but for whatever reason are not honing in on doing it! It is very easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, simply waking up, do what you are obligated to do, then go to sleep…second verse same as the first. Blah! You can get into a slump with this mentality if you allow yourself to, very easily! We need a waft of smelling salts to wake us up out of that, we need regular inspiration to lift our spirit and ensure we keep onwards.

Inspiration is not hiding from you. It is not waiting for you to discover it either. Inspiration is inside of you and all around you. Each one of us has experienced the feeling of lack of inspiration. Whether it be at work or at home, we have all had blah days, weeks, and some even have months of getting stuck in the quicksand of their own minds. There is no secret or master key, if you want to be inspired then put the following actions into play and find some ways and things that work for you…..

1. Remember Your Whys:

Write a list of all your whys. You will immediately become inspired once you remember why you started whatever it is you are doing. Why are you working in the field you are working in? Why are you in school? Why are you married to your spouse? Why do you exercise daily? Remembering why you began and the way you felt when you began will put you back into a place of inspiration quickly!

Revisit the reasons you have for doing the things you wish to achieve. Think about the impact it is going to have upon your life when you do achieve it. Review the reasons daily at the very least. Review the reasons, the whys, the driving underpinning motivations you have, and it will serve as an ongoing tonic to lift you. Keep a list of the reasons with you on a card, or on an app so when you need a pick-me-up, you can read it there and then.

2. Surround Yourself With People Who Have Successfully Been Where You Want To Go:

Spend time with people who have the ability and power to inspire you just by being around them.

Simply choose to center yourself more often with people that have something to teach you about what you are striving to achieve. Research shows that people tend to socially conform or mimic their friends’ behaviours, attitudes, etc. This is a truth, not always an easy truth, but a truth none the less. If you are able to read this then you are able to search and connect with like-minded people to you. You will find inspiration from their trials and triumphs…and if you are wise, you will learn from and not repeat their mistakes!

Be around people with enthusiasm, and appropriate levels of positivity. Be around people who take action and do good in the world. Work out ways to let others inspire you. What will happen is that in turn, you’ll inspire them too.

3. Nature Inspires:

Last week, one morning, my wife, my children and I, all sat having our breakfast in our villa watching a group of four deer’s eating their breakfast too. On another day, we marveled at the most crazy of hailstorms; big hail stones were crashing into the ground in the forest around us, it was amazing to just stop and watch. The kids loved it. We spent so much time outdoors in the sunshine and enjoying fresh air. I know that when I run along the seaside where I live, it just feels good to be around that.

Nature can be awe-inspiring and is the reason that so many people choose to visit areas of great natural beauty.

Stepping out into the fresh air and quiettly watching nature is an easy way to find inspiration. It is amazing what our mind can do when we silence our tongues and our thoughts and just accept whatever comes to us. Go to a place of nature that allows you to feel serene for a while: taking a walk by a lake, river, by the sea or in a forest. Whatever it is, get there and let yourself be free and open to receive the inspiration it offers you. Embrace nature and let it inspire you.

4. Inspire Others:

I alluded to this one already. Give inspiration away!

Inspiring others is one of the most effective ways for you to become inspired. Not only will you be helping others but the lasting effects will take you further than you ever dreamed possible. Take your skills and find those that can benefit from them. Maybe you want to work with children? Get out and begin inspiring them. Maybe you are an I.T. expert, or an entrepreneur? Find people that will be in awe from what you have to teach them. Whatever it is that you rock at, there are loads of people that with your inspiration will achieve the goals that they are striving for…not many better feelings than that!

Find other ways to inspire too. Share thoughts, share inspiring ideas, share quotes, and lead by example. That is, do inspiring things for others to watch and see and be inspired by. I love it when my children tell me that they want to run marathons soon! They see me running as I do each week, month and year and want to do the same. I love that and find it inspiring.

5. Talk To The Right People About Your Goals:

The more you speak to the right people about what it is that you are trying to achieve, the more you will be inspired to achieve it. Find the people who will be honest and supportive to you and let them in. The right people will encourage you by sharing what has inspired them. Refrain from telling the negative minded people and the nay Sayers, they will work extra hard to keep you uninspired! Chances are that when you speak with the right people, they will have a similar story of trials and achievements to share with you, which will give you the inspiration needed!

Evidence tends to suggest that holding yourself too openly accountable to goals has the potential to detrimentally effect your ability to achieve the goal, however, enlisting the support of those who really want you to succeed and those that can help you in the right ways is an incredibly valuable source of inspiration.

6. Gratitude Opens The Door Of Inspiration:

Never allow a single day to pass without expressing your gratitude. When you are grateful for what you have and the journey that got you there, it is likely that inspiration will float back up for you. A very common mistake is to only remember to show gratitude when everything is hunky dory. It is crucial to always be grateful, even when things are in shambles, not only will it inspire you to rise above but it will also get you out of your self-pity much quicker. When you are grateful, it is much more likely for you to be open to receive the inspiration that is already inside of you or surrounding you!

Read more about how to effectively express gratitude here.

7. Take Action:

Stop wallowing in your lack of inspiration and start creating it for yourself! Intentions mean absolutely zilch when not followed by actions. Maybe you have said that you are searching for inspiration? Maybe you are waiting for somebody to inspire you prior to making the next move? Guess what? That someone or something is you. Stop trying and start doing. One move will lead to another. It is the uphill domino effect! Inspire yourself by having the courage to take the risk of taking action. Eventually, your biggest inspirations will come from your own actions…just like helping others, when you help yourself, inspiration is inevitable!

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8. Have A Vision and Stay Focused:

When you have a vision and stay focused on taking the actions to achieve your goal, you will consistently be inspired. Never give yourself an option of not taking action and that will be exactly the inspiration you need. Often times we have a vision and take an action towards it then focus on other things that come up, which drains our inspiration and readiness to complete the first goal you set out to achieve. It is only when we lose focus that we allow ourselves to sink into an uninspired slump. To keep focused, monitor the progress you’re making and celebrate it. Harvard’s Teresa Amabile‘s research found that nothing is more motivating than progress.

9. Flash Cards and Evernote:

I keep flash cards in my wallet, and keep a list of motivational quotes on evernote that I refer to when I need more inspiration. I have photos attached to quotes and clips that inspire me, there is just so much out there to find and use, we just need to get it all collated.

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And always remember this: Inspiration is inside of you and all around you, it is solely up to you to open up to receive it and make great use of it. For me, it is tending to my garden, running along the sea front, being with my wife and children and writing my blog here, for you it could be anything. If you let these principles work their way into your life, you’ll find inspiration everywhere and anywhere. Find what is right and what works for you.

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