This might sound odd, but I did not become fully aware of why I wanted to become an author until my first book was actually in print. I thought I knew the reasons why I was writing the book when I started. Certainly I had a number of specific motivations initially, but the real reason was discovered in the depths of the journey to becoming a published author and is something I’ve celebrated throughout the process of writing each of my other books since that first one over ten years ago.

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Let me explain what I mean by that.

To begin with, I was not interested in it being something that I wanted to make a lot of money from. I wanted the professional kudos, respect and I also wanted to help develop my career by being a published author. The book served these purposes comprehensively.

All of my books at one time or another have been referred to as ‘my baby’ – when I have been writing them. I conceived them. I brought them into the world. They did not exist until they were created by me, my thoughts, my ideas, my research, my collating.

I distinctly recall sitting at the screen of my old PC, with a keyboard filled with old-school fat buttons that made a big noise when you typed, and that required a lot more effort to press down upon. I would struggle to type coherent, non-clumsy sentences on such a keyboard today.

Adam Eason Hypnosis old school keyboard
Then I got to unload what I had learned over the years of my career up until then, and I was surprised at how much I thought I knew. Things started to happen as I got into the flow of it, I started recalling experiences from my life, I drew upon my TV influences, I remembered schoolboy pranks and adult jokes, I wove stories and anecdotes into the theoretical content of my book, and I filled pages of word documents with content that would become real-life print on page held by a reader. I loved every second of that process. I was liberated, I was expressing myself, I was sharing things that I believed would truly impact the lives of others positively and to me, that is being alive.

That is being alive.

Intentionally and productively creating something that represents some good in the world made me feel alive.

That is the reason I wrote my first book. That is the reason I wrote my other 5 books that followed.

I have been a bit tough on that book because the theoretical underpinning of it is now flawed in my opinion. I have written a book that supersedes it and which is better, more accurate and more thoroughly researched. Yet I have a sense of love for that book and what it still represents to me personally today.

Before I wrote that book, I felt confined with my career, I felt confined with certain elements of my life too. I felt like a passive recipient to my chosen career and the field of hypnotherapy. That is, at that time, I had been a passive recipient of it, letting it happen to me, going with the flow, doing what virtually every other hypnotherapist was doing and recommended that I do. It treated me fairly well.

But who wants to live a life branded as ‘fairly well’???

Writing the first book liberated me from that. It set me free. Symbolically, it showed me how to be properly productive when I set my mind to it. The process showed me how I can take control of my life and my career. It showed me how to elevate my career and how to rise massively in credibility.

Although I may not be as proud of the content today as I was when I wrote it, when I revisit all those old scrawling and drafts that I keep fondly on my hard drive, I smile because it reminds me of how to be alive.

In addition to that, what sprung up out of the subsequent marketing frenzy and promotion that led to my first book becoming a bestseller, were emails from people all over the world; the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Egypt, Europe and beyond telling me about how much they enjoyed the book, how much it had helped them, and as it got translated into other languages, I felt exponentially more free and liberated. My reach had gone beyond anything I could have imagined when I first sat down to type those first words.

My true purpose with writing was now being discovered and fulfilled all at once! I had chosen to become a hypnotherapist because I wanted to do good in the world, to serve my fellow man, to actively shine a light and help prop up those in need, help educate those wanting to learn more, help expand horizons, and I got to do so in my own unique fashion, adhering to my own style, being myself. I was living on purpose, my work was satisfying my life purpose with a depth and a breadth.

That is being alive.

By writing the book, I got to connect with people all around the world. I got to help others to make progressive, positive change in their life, I got to share a part of my life, my world, my field with those people. My sense of purpose was being fulfilled.

That first book represented me pushing back the boundaries, recognising and having proof that the old adage “the only limits are those that exist in your own mind” was true.

When I sit down to write my books, I say those words to myself “this is being alive” – some people think of writing as a chore, they just want the end result of being an author for the gain it might bring them. Yet the journey is one to celebrate and enjoy immensely because it reveals so much about who and how you are and it will set you free in a number of ways. It may even make you want don a Nordic sweater, stand on a pile of rocks and open your arms out wide to embrace the world…

Adam Eason being liberated freedom
It might not be a book; here today the book represents anything in your life that for some reason you are not doing but dream about. That thing that will set you free, that will be evidence of you breaking out beyond those limits that have been set, that thing that will make you look deep inside yourself and realise…..

This is being alive.


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