Hope is something that is a major theme with my hypnotherapy clients, my students, my friends and family. In this video, my aim is that we hold on to hope and that we celebrate hope.
When working with clients in my therapy rooms who are suffering with depression, one of the areas we sometimes explore and work on is creating positive expectancy if they feel a sense of hopelessness in life. 
I speak about instilling hope a great deal in my work and thought I’d record a short video on the topic. Especially when the situation of the current pandemic is creating depression in so many. Plus, I’ve managed to squeeze in a load of Star Wars related goodness into this video too! 

In the video I mention a number of topics to further explore, these articles will help greatly:

1. Ways to Master the Art of Grit and Perseverance. 

2. 11 Ways to Be More Optimistic and Increase Optimism. 

3. Have Increased Optimism: Using Self-Hypnosis To Be More Optimistic 

4. How to Bounce Back From Being Knocked Down.

5. Goal-Focused Ways To Increase Mental Toughness. 

Always believe in hope. Always hold on to hope. Evaluate what you are thinking, doing and saying and make adjustments to keep yourself on track. Life is difficult enough, don’t be your own obstacle.
Remember “Rebellions are built on hope!” Create a hope inspired rebellion in your life today. 


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