You know what? I am sooo down with the kids and have been scanning my eyes over the website and boy did I feel at home there.

Whilst there, something piqued my interest… in this article, The singer Fergie, from the pop band Black Eyed Peas… Not only did she catch my eye for all the usual hypnotically engaging attractive reasons and not only did this catch my eye because she is such a strong advocate of hypnotherapy (I have written about her and hypnotherapy before)… There is something else that she advocates that I think every human being alive should also advocate…

Well, that obviously rules out my cat, Spooky, but it is something that is often talked about, but not that often done:

Rather than only seeing a therapist in times of trouble, illness and occurring problems… Seeing a therapist to prevent issues, illness and problems occuring in the first place.

Rather than only presenting your symptoms, preventatively working on yourself… Isn’t that what personal development is? Well, there are many other themes that have encroached upon the domain of personal development and more obscure things on the periphery, but surely… I mean surely, personal development, in esence, is about being well enough to avoid the issues, illness and problems occuring. Nipping them in the bud before they occur… I am so pleased to have got one of my Mums favourite expressions in my blog today… “Nipping it in the bud…” 🙂

I still get mentored and ‘theraped’ regularly despite the fact that I am genuinely pretty together these days… Regular readers may not agree.

Many people tend to be of the opinion that if they are well and happy, they can take their foot off the pedal, they can rest on their laurels and not invest in themselves quite as much and I believe this is an error. Why not build upon that wellness and make it part of who you are and avoid as much of it ever happening.. If tiny things build up, they could cause a crisis — in many different ways.

Well, just a thought. I remember one of my early mentors saying to me “If you are not moving forwards, you may as well be moving backwards, because the rest of the world will be progressing around you…”

So thank you Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas, for allowing me to justify visiting, for giving your celebrity endorsement to hypnotherapy and for advocating preventative therapy… And allowing me to write without frothing at the mouth for one day this week… Oh and for allowing me an excuse for writing “nipping it in the bud” — Oh, just a thousand thank yous to Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas…

Am running my Hypnotherapy Diploma this weekend… Have a great weekend… Be back on Monday…