Michael Jackson died just a few hours ago…. I awoke to the media rumpus on every channel… I have not seen a public mourning like this since princess Diana passed away… Crowds are gathered and getting bigger outside the hospital where he last was…His brother delivered the sad news to the crowds and public.

Perhaps the crowd of fans are waiting for final a glimpse of something that connects their glances to his life and death.

Whatever happened in his life, whatever speculation there was about him, he was truly loved and adored by millions. The people who gather at Michael’s hospital window are not the scorners, the deriders, the haters, the believers in all the horrific things that were alleged about Michael Jackson. They are the lovers of the legend.

Love him or not, he is now gone… Amongst other things, I’ll remember that performance of Billie Jean in the middle of his medley of hits, wearing the sparkly top and hat at the 1995 MTV awards when Slash has just left the stage, at the height of his excellence and that is some moonwalk!

[youtubevideo id=”1UDTxu6IGWw”]

What a hypnotic and mesmerising performer.

Good bye Michael Jackson, rest in peace. I hope the pain has ended.