Now, not only am I clinging to the shirt tails of celebrities in order to highlight the efficacy of hypnosis and hypnotherapy… I want to highlight something else too today, that Ewan McGregor points out so eloquently…

Firstly, let me quote this story at SIFY movies website, although the same quotes are available at tonnes of websites this week:

Movie star Ewan McGregor says he is having a generally better life after quitting smoking because of the peace of just relaxing and not having to hunt for cigarettes, ashtrays and lighters. reports that he quit a little more than a year ago through hypnotherapy and is happy.

He said: “The idea of life without cigarettes is terrifying, but it’s so much better… and it’s so easy — you just don’t smoke. I found the most annoying thing about cigarettes — apart from the fact that they give you emphysema and cancer and it makes you stink and not have any money, and you have to stand outside in the snow, and all of those things — is that you couldn’t do anything without them.

“I couldn’t stand the fact that I couldn’t just sit down — I’d have to go and find my cigarettes and, ‘Where’s my ashtray and my lighter?’ I’d always be looking for things… Now I can just sit down.”

McGregor is confident that others can also quit smoking since he has been able to and added, “I did it as a second profession; I used to act and smoke.”

Now then, the point I wanted to highlight today is that simple notion that if you enhance one aspect of your ife… A lot of other benefits begin to spread out into many differing aspects of your life… and I tend to find the oppostie to be true too…

We do tend to get into vicious cycles of unwanted behaviours, habits or lack mentality and different aspects of them seem to feed each other and perpetuate that lack or unwanted process… I am sure you know and maybe even have your own example of what I am referring to, don’t you?

So, when we make progressive changes, however minor, they spread and create virtuous circles, don’t they?

If we commit to enhancing one tiny aspect of our life each day… Man, that is going to be some ripples we are sending out (heck, what if we committed to changing something BIG every day?…). Anyway, you’d be amazed how many people never invest any energy, time or change in themselves and get bogged down, stagnant and into a rut, a negative pattern or a vicious cycle. I work with lots and lots of them every week.

Thank you Ewan McGregor for helping me to articulate my point today…