There is no blog entry to set anyones blood boiling today… So you can go vent your spleens on Cheryl Cole for being a racist, or on the Indian Government for putting on such a hilariously dismal display at the Commonwealth games, or join the Daily Mail readers complaining that 17 year old X-Factor finalist Cher has a tattoo on her hand and it is illegal to get one here in the UK until you are 18, or you can discover which spending cuts are going to effect you the most and let them consume you… Yes indeed, you are spoilt for choice for debates and topics to get your heart healthily pumping today and I am not supplying the ammunition on this day.

The main reason is that after I enjoyed many years podcasting about hypnosis, self-hypnosis, NLP and related subjects, we stopped for a wee while… Until now that is.

Yes, I have found my podcast voice and enthusiasm again!

I am spending plenty of time getting our new podcast up and running today due to popular demand. Things are going to be slightly different, because I am different. My stance and place in this field is evolving and changing and updating as I move through life… The new podcast is going to be focused on evidence based hypnosis, hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis as well as discussing critical thinking and related subjects… I am going to be interviewing and joking in my usual style and who knows, I may even vent my own spleen from time to time if I get out of bed the wrong way… I’ll let the podcast be my personal cathartic vehicle in much the same way this blog often is 😉

So do look out for that, I’ll be announcing when it goes live very soon and I’ll back back on the blog in my usual style very soon… have a wonderful day 🙂