I love earing about conventional medicine integrating hypnosis and finding some real use for it… I love hearing of it being an application in incredibly serious health issus and helped individuals to overcome such.

So I was fascinated, intrigued and loving this particular article today…

This hypnosis article in the Lancashire Telegraph states:

 LANCASHIRE Telegraph health expert Dr Tom Smith has told how being diagnosed with cancer allowed him to see a doctor’s role from the other side.

The family GP, 69, was told he had a tumour in his bowel after a routine screening in June.

Surgeons were so concerned that, within three weeks, they had taken away part of the intestine to ensure that all the cancerous tissue was removed.

During the agonising six-day post-operative wait for pathology results, Dr Smith used mental techniques likened to self-hypnosis to help keep him from thinking the worst, and at the end of it was told he had the all-clear.

He said the experience had helped him gain a clearer understanding of his professional role — as well as the value of pain management.

I love tohear of real-life doctors who gain a greater understanding and awareness of illnesses they treat through their own experience, though of course, I would not wish them to havbe to go through such experiences.

Many therapists often arrive in their role because of their own journey… In my experience, many Doctors have been from school to college to University, to Doctor training school and into the medical establishment…It is almost like professional institutionalisation! What they have in terms of academic intelligaence… They can sometimes lack in life experience, interpersonal skills and so on… (I am waiting for the emails from Docotrs today telling me I am wrong!) 

This is not universal, I just love to hear of doctors who can empathise… And as for those who actually acknowledge hypnosis:  

Dr Smith said the most important thing he learned was from a colleague who practices medical hypnosis, who visited him in hospital on the night before the operation and gave him a few pointers on concentrating his mind.

He said: “She showed me how to think, virtually self-hypnosis. I had to choose for myself the best place and time I had ever had in my life, and step back into them, in my mind. I had to concentrate on the details, and take myself through the scene — re-living the experience.

“I chose a scene in my early teens, when I used to go fishing in a small rowing boat in the Kyles of Bute, and whenever I started to worry about my circumstances, I ‘transferred’ myself to that time. Over the next few days I had plenty of rowing boat time.

“It kept me sane. I’ll use the rowing boat in any future health crises.

That is great to hear, isn’t it?

Now, on a serious note, I had to mention this today….

The Adventure Company and Telltale Games this week announced that it will be releasing Sam & Max Season One, a compilation of the first six episodes from the episodic Sam & Max series, on the Wii next month.

    “In Season One, straight-laced canine detective Sam and his psychotic “rabbity-thing” sidekick Max are on the hunt for the mastermind behind a baffling hypnosis conspiracy,” reads today’s press release.

    “Players get to interrogate suspects (with amusing results), uncover clues, solve puzzles, and ultimately piece together the underlying mystery that links the episodes.”

(That was like having my very own ‘and finally…’ moment)
Yay! Hypnosis in video games… As if they aren’t all hypnotic…