This weekend, I basked in the joyful experience that I get when running my self-hypnosis seminars… A wonderful collection of people, determined to develop the skills and mindset to become psychologically green…

My first car was green… Racing green was my wonderful mini-cooper… On an episode of Lead Balloon, the character played by Jack Dee – Rick Spleen – buys a moped which he calls Italian racing green, when the briochure calls it a slightly more effiminate and comedic ‘pistachio green.’

Just recently, I watched comedian Sean Lock joke about going green and that following a trip to the US he felt that his own efforts to recycle were miniscule in comparison to what is going on around the world… I know that we have the Green party who espouse ideals and strategies for keeping our planet healthy and more of us are going green to commit to protecting our planet for future generations… That is what most people think of as green.

I think being psychologically, or mentally green is about protecting and honouring our human nature, and committing to our own individual betterment and healthiness… In vast contrast to being green with envy of course!

It is often our instincts and intuition that allow us to thrive and to solve the everyday problems that we encounter… Many believe that insitncts and intuition are the domain of the subconscious/unconscious mind and of course, that is what we work with in self-hypnosis… Buolding an intimate and beneficial relationship woth oneself.

So I tend to think of being psychological green is akin the the colour prominanet in my garden right now following the mix of rain and sunshine we are having… The green of growth…. The green of new life, new beginnings… The green of self-improvement and personal development is what i am talking about today.

So apart from attending self-hypnosis seminars, what can we all do to become more psychologically green? I think as well as developing a relationship with yourself that allows you to use your instincts and intuition more, there are some practical things you can do to make your mindset greener…

Firstly, pay attention to and hear your emotions; because they are the voice of your instincts.

So often in today’s world, we rely on the opinions and recommendations of others to make our choices… Or people laugh at what popular TV stars or radio personalities tell us is funny, for example. Friends tell us who they think is the right partner for us…  people often follow advice and ignore that nagging feeling that tells us something to the contrary. Noticing our emotions and feelings is the start to connecting with our instincts and intuition.

Secondly, help to develop others and help others with their own betterment…

The evolutionary function being one to develop the future… Where we are keen to keep the planet healthy for future generataions, how about helping to keep the minds healthy of those populating this planet? As long as we do not care for others and exclude ourselves from that care, eh?
So many people I encounter in therapy and on courses often inhibit their care-giving instincts, with behaviours such as withholding love, being regularly unneccessarily angry, filtering out all the good they encounter in life and so on…

Thirdly, aim to look your best… Katie and I have a cat who spends hours cleaning and grooming himself.

We are hardwired to make ourselves attractive for the purpose of being desirable to others. It is that which keeps our line of genes going….

I find it amazing how many people are surprised they didn’t get the job, even though they look like a slob, and how many company executives are blissfully unaware that their abrasive manner and outward appearance makes them unattractive to those above them and under them in company rankings.

Take a lesson from my cat and aim to look your personal best… Not only attractive on a physical level, but also attractive as a member of the human race… You can look your best in so many ways! As such, you become a more desirable mate, a more approachable parent, a more successful employee, with a developed sense of humour, be a better listener, and be supportive to others, all actions of attractive instincts that make you more desirable to others.

Next up, consider cooperating.

Our atoms cannot make it by themselves… They coagulate with others! They need others to be able to perform the miracles that are life!

Getting in touch with your cooperative nature brings out the best in you and others.
Start by making the commitment to cooperate, especially when others aren’t.  How did that famous quote go… “An eye for an eye leaves everybody blind…” Tit for Tat is a losing strategy, and one that is hard to break.

Finally for today, explore the world and yourself with a curious enjoyment.

it is in our very nature to investigate and explore our environment, because it increases the likelihood of encountering people, learnings, and other things that can enhance our existence.

Sometimes, teachers and parents can stifle the curiosity of their children every day by ignoring or failing to encourage their interests, usually because it does not concur with the adults’ interest.

Many couples stay stuck in their comfort zone by choosing their favourite safe-option restaurant every time out, rather than taking a chance on a new venue.. What can you be doing differently today? How can you step out of routines, engage your curiosity and discover in the same streets of your life?

Get back to your curious nature if you want to stay ahead of the pack… Get energised with it too…

You see, I got some first hand experience of all this stuff with the people I encounter on my self-hypnosis seminar and it generates much of the same in me… Have a think and consider going psychologically green sometime soon, I think you’ll like it 🙂