Do we actually have a sense of our own endings subconsciously? Or do we create our owen endings because of such thoughts?

Is there such a thing as foreknowledge of one’s fate? Carl Jung thought that such a phenomenon existed. A patient of his dreamed of being in a skiing accident in which he was killed, and Jung advised him sternly to cancel plans for a forthcoming ski holiday. The patient ignored that advice and went ahead with his plans: He actually did die in a ski accident during that ski trip!

Hmmm… Let me explore this a tiny bit more today…

I am thinking of this because a friend of mine used to tell me that his greatest fear was of becoming a homeless man in the latter part of his life. I laughed at the suggestion: The man, a friend of my family, was in his late fforties at the time, and owned a chain of estate agents. He lived in an amazing house in a very plush part of the South Coast of England, commanded a substantial salary and was very involved with local life. That was fifteen years ago. Since then, he has sold his company and retired from day to day role running the company, lives on his accumulated savings and has wanted for nothing.

This week, I heard that all of his money was invested with an Incelandic bank. He has some of it back, but only a tiny fraction. He is apparently broke. The destiny he most feared is possibly upon him. What made him so sure it awaited him? Was there something ineffable — something that he just knew in his waters?

Or is it that the thought had been programmed so deeply with so much belief invested within it, that he ‘made’ it happen?

I recently dreamt that I was rolling uncontrollably down a hill on roller skates… Hmmm… A metaphor of sorts there… Well, basically, I am not going to be wearing roller skates at any time soon and I certainly shall not be going near any hilly areas if I do wear some… That’ll teach fate a lesson!