I had to drive my wife and her friend to Bournemouth airport very earlu this morning, she is off on a hen weekend… Which means I am hosting a boys weekend and am looking forward to the company of a favourit group of people, known as “the lads”… Yay.

Anyway, whilst driving back, I was tuned into Radio five live… I am a prime member of their listenership… I like sport and current affairs, I am in their age demographic and I like the analysis of the world that they offer up…

This morning they were discussing the fact that London is hosting the G20 summit and the police have been very concerned about many organisations planning to disrupt London today and many groups are taking this chance to have a big protest.

naturally, i was a wee bit concerned, my brother works in the city for an investment bank and I hope he does not have to be anywhere near th planned chaos… That is a funny term, isn’t it? Planned chaos.

What is today’s blog about then? Let me explain….

Upon hearing about and having read a lot about the organisation of modern anarchy groups and protesters with a point to make, I started thinking.

Most of my thinking is done at my desk, while I am with clients, while lying in bed, when in self-hypnosis… That said, I do some great thinking while I’m driving.

Anyway, my themed thinking this morning was about how on the surface,
organisation can seem to be all about control. (And of course, it is about
control — in some specific ways)

So does that then mean
disorganisation and chaos are all about being out of control, or
letting go of control? I think that in some ways it is, yes… Then something else occurred
to me as I drove past Alice’s Advertureland theme park close to the Airport…

stress and chaos often come from trying to control what you can’t, and
not controlling the things you can! Conflict results.

So there is a thought to pickle your brains for a moment or two this morning.

For many years, I organised my hypnotherapy sessions with clients… I had a clear plan in response to what my client would tell me… Yet, it was nowhere near as effective as when I allowed an element of chaos to ensue at times and just let certain things happen…

I believe many therapists attempt to control things that they cannot… In doing so, they make the therapy more about themselves and less about the client… There can be some incredibly profound change occur in the midst of seeming disorganised therapeutic intervention… Especially when you observe indirect hypnosis advocates such as Stephen Brooks, Milton Erickson, even Frank Farrelly and Richard Bandler and the likes… 

Ok, so despite having a rough outline for a weekend of male-centred shenanigans, it is impossible to organise such weekends, and the best fun is always had when you allow things to unroll with some degree of unpredictability… So here is to a weekend of chaotic fun… Until next week, cheerio. 🙂