Awesome Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma Deal

Thank you for attending the webinar with me!

I hope you found it stimulating and it inspired you to delve deeper into the field of hypnotherapy.

If you’d like to take me up on my offer, then simply click on the buttons below. First make your payment, then fill in the booking form at the college website, both links are given below for you to do that now.

Here it is, open for the next 72 hours and then gone. With this offer, you’ll get:

1. Attendance at the full classroom based Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (RRP £2300.00 plus Vat = £2760.00)
You can attend the monthly or intensive course – dates in prospectus. Download that here if you have not done so already.
2. Immediate access to the full online version of the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma course (RRP £1283.33 plus Vat = £1540)
You can start studying straight away if you want to, otherwise, it’ll help you revise during your course.
3. Attendance at the Science of self-hypnosis seminar (RRP £97.00 plus Vat = £116.40)
whichever location you wish to attend at any date in the future.
4. Attendance at the Rapid Inductions and Hypnotic Phenomena seminar (RRP £97.00 plus Vat = £116.40)
Whichever location you wish to attend at any date in the future.
5. The full online hypnotherapist business development academy. (RRP £250.00 plus Vat = £300.00)
6. A two-hour one-to-one mentoring session with Adam. (RRP £1000.00 plus Vat = £1200.00)

This is a complete package. Usual fee for all of the above: £6032.80, and worth every penny!!

Limited time Diploma Deal, today all of that is yours for £1750.00 (inclusive of Vat)

Click here to take our offer up in full right now:

If you’d like, you can also take the offer up and pay in 4 instalments (please note, this option is slightly more expensive as the total of the 4 monthly payments of £450.00 will be £1800.00) – contact Adam via email to be given our company bank details to set up a standing order – your first payment will confirm enrolment.

Please also visit this page of the college website and complete the booking form there.

The fee is greatly discounted, I hope you’ll grasp this offer with both hands. Once your payment has been made, I’ll be in touch with confirmation, an acceptance form and preparatory details to ready you diligently for class.

Key Points from our webinar together:

In order to thrive as a hypnotherapist and have a highly rewarding career you need the following:

1. An exceptional evidence-based education.
Do not be taught by anyone teaching you the conscious/unconscious model of mind as if it is a fact. Take a course where you’ll be familiarised with the evidence-base, the major contributing academic authors and researchers so that you can become perceived as credible when you are qualified and embarking upon your career.

2. The ability to astonish.
Learn how to use hypnotic phenomena and not insist on a reclining chair, crochet blanket, whale music and adopting a Hush FM DJ voice in order to ever hypnotise anyone. Be credible, be dynamic, be knowledgeable, be fluently skilled.

3. Effective business development knowledge and skills.
Have your vision in place, plan the steps required methodically, seek advice and ongoing support of those with thriving careers in this field; your chosen training organisation should offer you this.

Even if you do not come and study and train with me at this college, I hope you’ll take on board these key insights. They’ll serve you incredibly well.

I hope to welcome you warmly to the college. Click the button, come and join me:


As of this Saturday, the 24th of February, this deal ends. I start a very busy period of teaching and will be unable to be ‘hands on’ and all course fees return to their usual amounts and enrolment returns to being an automated process.

Join us. Become an elite hypnotherapist, credible, highly educated, able to astonish, business savvy, leading a highly fulfilling, dynamic and meaningful career.