So for most of you todays blog entry is not going to be all that inspiring… And what a way for me to frame this entry, eh? You may well have switched off totally now.

Yesterday, following several weeks of jumping through hoops and adjusting and tweaking a few things, our training school here became a government approved learning provider for anyone seeking out a career development loan.

Basically, what this means is, if you are resident in the UK and really wanted to attend the hypnotherapy practitioner diploma offered by this school, and the only thing holding you back was an inability to afford the initial course fees, you can now apply for a government assisted Career Development Loan (CDL).

If you are interested in this do get in touch with me in the first instance and we’ll assess your initial suitability for the course. If we think you are a prime candidate for the course, I’ll give you our official learner provider number to use with your application. Then do please also visit this page on the official website to get more information and your application for a CDL.

The website states the following important information:

Like any loan learners need to repay the money they borrow but, with a Professional and Career Development Loan, the YPLA will pay the interest on the loan while the learner is in learning and for one month afterwards. Even when a learner starts to repay the loan to the bank, the interest rates for repayments are set at a fixed, competitive rate of interest, compared with most other personal loans.”

Ok, so I promise that tomorrow I’ll be more interesting… Well, as interesting as I usually am (or am not as some of you may tend to think!).