Well I have some high-brow blogging action for you today, so high brow is this piece of news that it has been picked up by all the top drawer media…

The Sun writes about this story here and the Star writes about this story here.

This is the news that Peter Andre has gone public by enquiring about whether hypnosis can help him erase someone from his mind, the Sun states the following:

The Aussie, 37, made the odd request as he filmed new game show Odd One In with new One Show host Jason Manford.

When confronted with a panel of ‘hypnotists’ – of which only one is a practising professional – Pete asks: “Is it possible through hypnosis to forget someone from your recent past?”

By all accounts this request made the crowd cheer as they made the connection and realised he was referring to his ex-wife, pantomime baddy, Katie Price.

Sooo… I wonder what the hypnotist replied?

That’s it. Short and sweet entry today… Got a busy day and then a weekend of running along the sea front, baking cherry pie with the fruit from my garden and spending time with friends and family… I’ll be back Monday.