Have you ever considered how much thought goes in to slogans and straplines for companies and brands? These snippets of language are required to encapsulate so much; values, stance, attitude and much more besides. With the self-hypnosis process I am sharing today, you create a slogan for yourself and affirm it within your mind for it to represent a number of facets of you and we use it to build self-esteem.

These slogans have a rich message built within and that depth of thought and richness requires some deeper inspiration, making self-hypnosis a perfect way to create one inside of your mind….

One of the ways we can enhance self-esteem is with how we communicate ourselves in social situations and circumstances. Sometimes, those with a low level of self-esteem or self-assuredness or just those that are gentler in communications can find themselves being downtrodden by others.

The main structure of the process that I am sharing here today was something that was influenced by a process pointed out to me in Shlomo Vaknin’s Big Book of NLP Techniques and he credits Robert Yourell for the technique, so I need to credit him for it too.

However, I am using it specifically for the aim of enhancing self-esteem and combining facets of it with self-hypnosis.

This process, when practiced aims to help you to communicate in a very compelling way, to be able to get your point across with ease and meaning. It is particularly useful if you have a lot to say but cannot seem to communicate your message in a concise way, or if you feel too emotional or insecure to get your own communication heard.

Practice this process and pretty soon, you’ll be communicating in a succinct and persuasive way like a top sales person, or a politician or skilled speaker – and that is going to make you feel very confident in your own skin, and your self-esteem is going to grow!

Prior to starting with this process, consider situations and circumstances where you encounter other people that in the past may have influenced or detrimentally effected your self-esteem. Especially if there are people who contribute to you lacking self-assuredness at times.

With a typical target situation in mind, get yourself into a comfortable position, with your arms and legs uncrossed and where you are going to be undisturbed for the period of the exercise and crack on with step one.

Step One: Induce hypnosis. You can do so by any means you desire or know of. You can use the process in my self-hypnosis book, use the free audio at this website to practice or have a look at the following articles as and when you need them; they are basic processes to help you simply open the door of your mind:

Using eye fixation for self-hypnosis.

The Betty Erickson Self-Hypnosis Method video clip.

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Once you have induced hypnosis, move on to step two.

Step Two: Imagine that target situation that you thought of prior to beginning with this process. See the sights of the place, hear the sounds, feel the sensations of being here. Notice who else is there and really engage your imagination as you be in that place in side your mind.

Start to tell yourself and let your mind pour out all the things you’d like to say here in this situation. Just let your mind pour out everything and anything you’d like to say, without editing it at all, without considering whether you ought to say those things or not, just get it all out inside of your mind – however much of a jumble all those thoughts might seem right now.

Once you have emptied your mind whilst truly imagining being in this place, move on to the next step.

Step Three: As you continue to imagine being in this target situation, now start to reconsider all the things you want to say in this situation, start to fashion some kind of an order to all those things you’d like to say. Put them in order of importance to you.

Once you have got them in some kind of an order inside your mind, move on to the next step.

Step Four: Now run through all those thoughts of things you’d like to say and express, just this time start to leave out anything that may be superfluous, start to comb through all those thoughts and trim away anything unnecessary or that might be considered fluff.

Imagine raking through those thoughts inside your mind and now continue to distill the thoughts and leave out details that are not absolutely essential to get your message across.

In fact, start to get it trimmed down to the point, where you almost have a slogan that represents your message, your thoughts, your feelings on the subject and communicates your sentiments, getting yourself heard vividly in a short, sharp manner.

Think of Nike’s ‘Just Do it’ or Tesco’s ‘Every Little Helps’ for example.

Get that slogan inside of your mind and which represents your thoughts and feelings and what you wish to communicate and then move on to the next step.

Step Five: Now imagine being in that very same target situation, seeing the sights, hearing the sounds and connecting with that place with those people around and about you.

This time remind yourself of your slogan, say it with vigour and volition inside your mind and notice how it enables you to communicate your message, notice how it helps you elaborate if you need to.

As you imagine this and say your slogan to yourself in your mind, notice feelings of strength, self-confidence and assuredness build within you. Notice where in your body you feel those sensations growing and developing and as they grow notice how you communicate with appropriate strength and how you communicate effectively and beautifully and notice the responses you get from those around you that tell you that your message is being received by those around you, see how it resonates with them.

Notice that even if they try to dominate, manipulate or overpower, that when you repeat your slogan to yourself, it develops a steadfast, beautiful depth of self-esteem within you that seems to shine through and you communicate in response in a way that is heard, felt and enhances your own sense of self.

Build these feelings as you repeat your slogan and see how you communicate so well in this situation and when you have really developed that sense within yourself, move on to the next step.

Step Six: Tell yourself that each and every time you practice this, it reinforces the effect and influence of the slogan. Tell yourself that each and every time you repeat this process it enhances the relationship you have with yourself and advances your belief in your ability to communicate effectively in this situation and other similar situations.

Tell yourself that the more you practice the more you’ll notice differences in your day-to-day experience. Then move on to the final step when you feel as though those sentiments are really being felt within you.

Step Seven: Exit hypnosis by wiggling your fingers and toes, taking a deep breath in and opening your eyes.

Choose to repeat this process a few times and then start to use your slogans in these situations, start to communicate in a way that reassures you and feels good inside!

Most importantly, enjoy it and take responsibility for allowing communications with others to advance your self-esteem and do not allow anyone to diminish it.