over recent years, some of the most fascinating research within the field of hypnotherapy (at least in my opinion) has involved measuring brainwave activity when being hypnotised and in reaction to managing pain and so on.

Therefore, this article over at the Discovery website really piqued my interest today…

Apparently there is some major brainave activity in the moments before someone passes away… The featured study of seven terminally ill patients found identical surges in brain activity moments before death, providing what may be physiological evidence of “out of body” experiences reported by people who survive near-death ordeals.

Were they trying to look for evidence of near-death experiences?

Doctors at George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates recorded brain activity of people dying from critical illnesses, such as cancer or heart attacks.

Moments before death, the patients experienced a burst in brain wave activity, with the spikes occurring at the same time before death and at comparable intensity and duration.

The research with brainwave measurements is very interesting indeed… Am going to be keeping an eye out for more of this… Ok, so have a fabulous weekend 🙂