This week the UK Big Brother house is unveiled and he once must-see TV show parades another bunch of indivduals into the house to see who can stir up enough public adoration and love to bag the cash prize and then get a handful of magazine appearances as a result of their instant fame and then become a z-list celeb for a year or two…

I used to get excited about the show — for professional and personal reasons. However, as the show and I have got older, I am less and less interested. Until today that is….

In Australia the Big Brother house welcomed inside a hypnotist. In fact, UK stage hypnotist Peter Powers.  

Was it  good move? It would have got me viewing at the very least… Here is what this hypnosis article in Perth Now had to say about it:

It was Big Brother’s big chance to boost its ratings.

But instead of getting British hypnotist Peter Powers to put more viewers under a trance to watch the reality TV show he was hired to hypnotise the BB housemates.

“I was a little nervous when I went in, he says.

“Usually I have people on my territory, people are coming on to my stage.”

Powers is best known to Australian viewers for his TV show The Power of One in which he travelled the country finding volunteers to hypnotise.

But this was the first time he had performed inside a Big Brother house anywhere in the world.

“You never really know how it’s going to go and how people are going to respond. But it all went much better than I could have hoped,’’ he says.

The pre-recorded results — including Powers’ BB victims believing they are naughty schoolchildren (Wow, what a stretch!), several male housemates giving birth, Alice acting very manlike and Nobby and the recently-evicted David bathing each other in a tub full of baked beans — will be screened tonight in a one-hour BB special on Channel 10.

“Alice was a delightful surprise. She was an extremely good hypnotic subject as was David and Travis,’’ Powers says.

“But Nobby is fantastic. He’s just the kind of person that I love to have up on the stage because he’s just such a great character.’’

Powers adds: “The funniest thing when you hypnotise somebody is not just them carrying out a certain act but it’s when you snap your fingers and bring them back to reality when they’re in the middle of carrying out that act’’.

On Sunday, three intruders will enter the compound, including 52-year-old Terrence, a father-of-three and real estate auctioneer from WA who believes “Generation Y are spoilt, lazy and inconsiderate freeloaders’’.

The other intruders are a 20-year-old bloke curiously called Cherry, who is marketing student from the Gold Coast and also has been a professional surfer; and Rhianna, a 25-year-old single mum from NSW who confesses she “got knocked up at my Year 12 formal’’ and is looking for Mr Right.

Tuesday night’s BB show attracted 945,000 viewers but 1.13 million people tuned in after it was finished to watch The All New Simpsons.

Hmmm… A mixed review. However, my interest will be renewed if I get a call from Channel 4 about going into the Big Brother house and really zipping up affairs — Come on Channel 4 or Endemol TV company… You know where I am.