Hello there… Am back after a weekend of running my hypnotherapy diploma. We shot a couple of snippets from that weekend and I thought I’d share them with you this week. Today’s clip is a rapid (well it is rapid if you exclude all my rambling and tomfoolery) induction technique that is very flash and impresses people at parties…

It is called the ‘drop induction’ where the individual is literally dropped into hypnosis… Yes indeed, they are swept off heir feet and into hypnosis. Let me show you how…

Cool technique, eh?

The way to do it? Remember the explanation I am giving is for qualified and insured hypnotists and therapists only…This is not for anyone who is unqualified and should not be attempted by someone unqualified… There are many things that a good, qualified hypnotist will presuppose is going on and ways to use language and so on, that is not included in any explanation I could give here…

Ideally, place the cushion or pillow in the floor, accompanied with the words, “Let’s see how long you are… Hmmm… That is about where your head is going to land when you are in hypnosis, isn’t it?…” etc.

Soooo, this is then the presupposition to the entire process. It presupposes they will successfully be landing there in that spot… Creating expectation and lots of those other wonderful hypnotic ingredients.

Maybe consider discussing trance experiences of earlier in their life and anchor them to a light touch on the back as I did while we were getting ready for this shown example.

Have them with their feet together to have less balance. Note the natural sway they have when their eyes are closed. You may want to rattify with them those things you notice them experiencing, such as the sway…

Suggest where they are going to land. As you catch the person falling back into your arms, while constantly repeating suggestions of, “That’s it…” or, “That’s right… go with those feelings…” and, “Only let yourself go, when you know the time is right or you…” and of course, “Go inside now, deeper inside, feel those wonderful sensations washing all over you as you let go and drift back now…”

Take their weight on your leg as they fall back, you’ll be amazed how much weight you can hold there. By the time the person is in your arms, they are in a light trance, ready for deepening.

Ideally then, use their floppy arm for your deepener — ensure you are holding the arm totally and they have no conscious control over it — then tell them that their “arm falls only as fast as it takes for them to drift to the deepest levels of hypnosis.” And let the arm fall.

It is good to have a pre-talk and a settling down at the beginning. Be aware of breathing and remember to ratify their experience, so point out what you notice for them — eyelids fluttering, pulse rate racing, breathing deepening, etc.

I expect to hear several comedy Christmas day stories of grumpy elderly relatives dropped into hypnosis on dining room floors and left their until hometime in the evening… 😉


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