It was the headline that got me and piqued my interest.. as anything moderately hypnosis related does, the headline went:

“Barack Obama Demonstrates Ability To Hypnotize Young Voters”

Then there was this picture… Hahahahaha…

So I clicked through to the page at Wonkette website and laughed out loud at their discussion thread. Go have a read.

You know what I am going to say though, don’t you? As much as I am laughing at the picture, it has an element of truth underpinning it. As my Mum would say “never a truer word is said in jest.”

So how is that I find myself liking him, what he stands for, who he is, even though my knowledge of him is limited and he is in another country. 

Is it the media coverage? I think it has a fair bit to do with it. However, the man himslef must have something that is working its way into peoples consciousness that makes him this developing attraction of a figure.

Is he hypnotising us all? Certain qualities and distinctions are very hypnotic, aren’t they?