I got reeled in… I mean, I got reeled in better than a naïve fish spotting a shiny, colourful float and biting it on the hook! Whilst reading a friend’s copy of the Sunday Times a couple of weeks ago, I spotted the advertisement — “750 Free Airmiles with your subscription of the Times.”

Already an airmiles collector, I went for it. Having not had a regular newspaper for years and years, I now get the Times daily and shall do for the next year.

As I turned the pages yesterday, I realised why I stopped reading them so readily… Someone else chooses what is news… And there is so much disharmony and unpleasantness portrayed in a particular way, that you could be forgiven for thinking it was far more rife than it actually all is.

Why am I mentioning this today? Well, I am wading into one of the most contentious issues on the planet today, let me explain…

In yesterday’s World News section, I read about the abortion doctor who was murdered in Kansas a couple of days ago.  It is this very hot potato of a subject that seems to show people in big states of continual self-hypnosis and leads to seeming delusion in my opinion.

Before anything else, I’ll frame this blog entry by just emphasising the utter and complete irrationality of murdering someone because you think killing is wrong.

What is it with that thought process?!

I would suggest that it is the same when we look at the many thousands of victims of “collateral damage” in bombings in Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

The irrational logic goes something like — if terrorists killed 3,000 Americans in 2001, we’re going to kill many times that number of innocent people in pursuit of said “terrorists”. I just can’t seem to get my head around the logic.

I would suggest that the only way I’d manage to appreciate any of these kinds of logic as I have just stated, would be to self-hypnotise on a regular basis… And not the kind I describe in depth and detail in my books or audio programmes, but the kind that many people do all day every day… Where the internal dialogue and imagery is spiced up with emotion and reading material, and support from other like minds and spiced up further with belief enhancing argument and filtering of all information to fit into my own mindset.

Some very powerful self-hypnosis, which some may simply call self-delusion.

It is just amazing that such an obvious irrational train of thought, such a lack of logic in a thought process can be made valid by our own minds in the right kinds of conditions and circumstances!

if we were to just take one facet of the anti-abortion argument, that abortion is wrong because human life is sacred…

In order to accept this as a firm belief, you almost have to ignore just about every aspect of human life… If human life is so sacred, why are these people not making the same kinds of protests about avoidable poverty?

Or what about the tens of thousands of unnecessary infant deaths due to lack of water purification that costs pennies? The stuff we see on our televisions throughout the Children In Need TV campaigns, and so on.

Why not pursue a cause that can help find bed nets to stop people being bitten by malaria-spreading mosquitos while they sleep in Africa? This and other anti-malaria initiatives would save millions of sacred human lives.

Why not put the same effort into ending wars that are killing thousands every year? I could go on with this list, couldn’t I? And I am guessing that you could too…

Surely, those who say they are against abortion because of life being sacred, yet they do not use any of their drive and energy for any of these other causes, are speaking non-sense, no?

One argument that is often made is that human life is sacred because of our intelligence and consciousness (I mean, is it intelligent to murder someone in the name of another perceived murder?). Hmmm… If this argument is the case, an adult chimp’s life could be seen as more sacred than a brain-damaged infant human’s! The chimp’s intelligence and consciousness could well be more developed than the infant’s.

So if it then just comes down to simply being a Homo sapien that makes life sacred, why is a three week old fetus more deserving of our support, care and energy than a baby born in Africa — or one living in abject poverty just miles from your own home?

I read the newspaper and read that a man was murdered because he was perceived by others to have killed a sacred life. The logic is defied, isn’t it? The self-hypnosis making that argument sit well inside someones mind is some powerful stuff.

I may not read the entire newspaper today… I’ll be flicking through the sports pages first and foremost… 🙂