Hypnotising animals is today’s theme. Hahahaha, I never thought I’d wrote those words… Yes indeed, today on the blog, I am discussing how to hypnotise animal; hypnotising animals.

A recent episode of QI on the BBC was dedicated to hypnosis and on it they discussed some methods of hypnotising animals that I wanted to share with you here… Why not, eh?

At the time I did discuss in some depth whether or not the term we use for hypnosis is actually the same thing as being experienced by the animals, and how do we actually know, but that is a discussion for another day. I thought I’d offer up a tongue-in-cheek look at how you go about hypnotising animals.

Many suggested at the time also that hypnosis experienced by animals is a physical response much more than a psychological response, I mean, they are not responding to words as far as we know, or their own imagination as prescribed by a hypnotist. Though some may think that their imaginations are being engaged as they respond in particular ways, maybe as a natural reaction to a threat as a defence mechanism, for example. Hypnotising animals is clearly a deep subject.

Again, this is all discussion and debate for another day. All these methods and processes render the animal in question motionless and in what appears to be a trance-like or catatonic state. You can also do this with alligators as per the film footage at the end of today’s blog, but it is unlikely any of us would get that chance or really chance our hand at such, so I have not felt it necessary to include that particular technique here today!

Some people might use this as a fun stage hypnosis demonstration to show that they are so good at hypnotising, that even animals fall under their spell. And really, it is for entertainment purpose only.

In the film clip, you get to see some majorly tranced out chickens, and the commentary suggests it may be a defence mechanism. Many people own chickens, especially in the UK when so much more emphasis and enthusiasm for home grown produce.

The chicken will initially squawk a little bit, especially if it is not used to you, so be sure not to induce unnecessary amounts of stress in the chicken. You’ll be much better off using a hen for the demonstration too, their demeanour lends itself much better to this kind of thing than a lively Cock.

Start by holding the chicken by the neck and holding its head firmly and comfortably downwards so it lies flat on the prepared surface. Then, hold the chicken still for a few seconds, and it will relax, become immobile and appear to have drifted off totally. When you take your own hands away, it will remain in that position.

They will eventually awaken themselves chickens, however if you click your fingers or clap your hands, they’ll awaken and go about their important daily business as if nothing happened.

You can do virtually the same with a frog. Well, to be honest, the process is very similar with all the animals that this works on.

You place the frog, carefully and thoughtfully onto its back and hold it in position for a few seconds. Then when you take your own hands away, the frog simply remains there in that position, and a rather ungainly one it is too!

YOu can then either pick the frog up and put it back into it’s usual standing stance, or you can click your fingers and it’ll turn itself back upright with quite an impressive, gymnastic display.

Again, it is very similar with rabbits, or as we have just had Easter, lets call them bunnies, and aren’t they cute?

To hypnotise a cute bunny, again, you place it on it’s back, hold its ears apart and even rub them gently with one hand while you then place its back legs gently down onto the table with your other hand.

With our lovely Bunny on its back and stretched out position, hold it still for up to thirty seconds or so and until you notice that it is immobile and docile, you then take your hands away.

Your bunny  now appears to be ‘hypnotised’ and tranced out, lying motionless on its back. To get bunny back to being an attentive rabbit, you can blow quite forcefully on the rabbits face and then turn it over onto its side and it’ll then be back sniffing and scampering around as usual.

The QI programme showed footage of lobsters being hypnotised and Stephen Fry actually did hypnotise a lobster on the show. Who’d have thought that hypnotising animals would go as far as to include lobsters!

It looks impressive because a lobster is quite scary and formidable looking with its claws and mollusc whiskers et al. (I don’t know the official words for those things!)

Yet the lobster is very easily hypnotised indeed.  You just stand it on its head and use its claws to support it and hold it in a balanced position. Some people have suggested that you stroke it, but really that tends to be for effect, it just needs to be held there and after a few seconds, it will happily remain there in that position, immobile until you then place it back in its usual position.

Here is video footage of this stuff happening. Enjoy this video about hypnotising animals:

So there you go folks, not just high quality information on hypnosis with people, we have means of hypnotising animals as a result of reading this blog too! I hope you enjoyed a bit of tongue-in-cheek today…

I’ll be back tomorrow 🙂


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