Well what a fabulous weekend… The sun shone brightly and I spent so much time in it that I have a red forehead, we had out first barbequeue of the year, Nottingham Forest confirmed a play-off place to play for a Premiership spot next season, AP McCoy won the Grand National for the first time in 15 attempts and is surely now the greatest jockey to have ever ridden on these shores, and Katie and I went to see Britains Got Talent winners Diversity at the Bournemouth international Centre last night.


I mean, double wow!!

What an utterly amazing piece of theatre, what a show… Dazzling stuff from beginning to end.

The musicality was stunning… that is, massively loud soundbites, just enough of a song for you to recognise it and get excited, then a huge bassline, gripping and intriguing dancemoves choreographed by the master Ashley Banjo… Flashing lights, many a turn of tempo, dazzling effects within the backdrop, use of technology and so much more…

Then the entire show is wrapped in a story based on toys that come to life and there are other examples of genius dance moves from peers who join the ranks and have you gasping in disbelief and smiling with joy… Then Pete the Beatboxer joins in (yes, he is called Pete Box) and he does drum beats, bassline and vocals altogether while imitating spinning the records… Everyone sings ‘Stand By Me’ while he does Billie Jeans bassline, just too amazing… It is the prequel to Diversity doing a montage of Michale jackson inspired moves in the show.

They finish with their winning routine from Britains Got Talent… But it was so much more than what we had expected, and at the end, they take their bows to an adoring audience that are all standing and begging for more… And they are all so grounded… Heck, this time a year ago no-one had heard of them, they work incredibly hard and are such a fine example to all the younger fans who were wearing their over-large Diversity caps (the merchandise does seem to fly off the shelves) …

All in all, the ingredients for perfection in terms of hypnosis inducing entertainment… Brilliant.