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Has A Wonderful Unique Approach

catherine young

“When I was looking for a Hypnotherapy Diploma course, I spent a lot of time researching different courses, and it was Adam’s course that stood out above all others for me.

The course content was what attracted me to Adam’s course, as it had a wonderful balance of NLP, hypnotherapy, not just theoretical teachings but a lot of practical elements too.

When I embarked on the Diploma Course I knew nothing, absolutely nothing about NLP and I had experienced a little hypnotherapy as a client. Adam listened and helped further explain whatever anyone on the course had difficulty in grasping. He puts so much time, his wonderful energy and expertise and has a wonderful unique approach making learning so much more fun.

Everything I learnt on the course from a theoretical point of view was backed up by Adam with practical work. My confidence grew and continually grows from the encouragement and group support also.

As Adam attracts individuals from all over, those studying his Diploma are a wonderful mix of people… I have made many long-term friends on this course as well as the confidence to go out in the wide world and make a difference to other people’s lives as hypnotherapy has done so far in my life and I hope continues to do so as I have a wonderful career ahead of me.
Thank you so much Adam for your encouragement and belief in me, to get me where I am today.”

Catherine Young

The Most Inspirational Speaker In Hypnotherapy

Linda Bromage

“The most inspirational trainer in clinical and scientific evidence based hypnotherapy in the UK today. Do not waste your money training anywhere else if you are serious about hypnotherapy.”

Linda Bromage
BSc(hons)Clinical Hypnosis. Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner. PhD Researcher.

A Powerhouse Of Skill, Knowledge, Credibility, Insight, Energy And Fun!

Richard Tyler

“It is a rare occurrence to experience people that offer over and above the basics. Well, Adam Eason exceeds all expectations and sets the bar very high. Adam is a powerhouse of skill, knowledge, credibility, insight, energy and fun! If you undertake his Hypnotherapy Diploma, be prepared to have your world rocked.

I looked around to find a course that was rigorous and challenging. I didn’t want a certificate for just being a bum on a seat. I certainly made the right choice. I left the programme feeling equipped and ready to work with clients. Adam does everything within his power to help you get to where you want. The rest is up to you! If you have a chance to train with Adam, seize it!”

Richard Tyler
Director Of BTFI LTD

Taking hypnosis back to its roots

Richard Ingate

“The first thing I want to say is that this is a brilliant course. I can see why a prerequisite is being a qualified hypnotherapist, as a reasonable level of technique regarding inductions and deepeners was assumed, and it was in fact lovely to see people from such a wide variety of previous trainings all working together with their own hypnotic skills and styles! Adam presented a robust and coherent model of how hypnosis worked both in itself and within/from a cognitive behavioural approach – which was far from merely putting hypnosis and CBT in the same sentence –  it was in fact taking hypnosis back to its roots and building it back up with a firmly evidence based framework. With such a framework in place Adam then showed us how to build a total structure for doing cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy that integrated the rationale  (of how and why hypnosis and a cognitive behavioural approach work together so well,) with ways of assessing clients and then taking us through, and getting us to practise some of the most useful cognitive behavioural interventions within hypnosis. For me there was more. As well as learning a new model, as well as  learning new techniques to use with clients, I found by accident that I had new skills for my own benefit. I spontaneously found myself applying the thought disputation questioning methods to my own anxious thoughts and feelings as I watched the coach for my return journey  drive past without stopping to pick me up! All in all a splendid course that equipped me with a far deeper understanding of how to work with hypnotherapy for the benefit of my clients and that immerses the students in the hypnotic mindset. Thank you, Adam!”

Richard Ingate

After extensive research I called Adam to have a chat and thank goodness I did

Claire John

It can be really daunting choosing a hypnotherapy course and I really wanted to get the best possible training and highest qualification I could get. After extensive research I called Adam to have a chat and thank goodness I did. His level of knowledge, experience and dedication to promoting evidence-based practice really challenged my thinking and approach.  There was no decision to be made after that phone call.

My experience on the course was nothing short of life changing.  The training is extremely broad and comprehensive and you’re encouraged to develop your own style, approach and opinion. There is also a real sense of community and support that continues well after you qualify. Since the diploma I’ve gone on to complete several workshops with Adam as well as the Hypnotic Coaching course all of which have been an incredible standard.  I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this training to anyone who wants to receive a high level of education and have a lot of fun in the process.

Claire John

High Quality And Thought Provoking

James Brown

“Adam Eason delivers high quality, thought provoking and, above all, field-tested hypnotherapy training. His playful yet professional manner engages the listener in such a way that time flies while you learn. Personally, I could listen and watch him all day.”

James Brown
Profsessional Opportunist, Speaker, Author, Performer

A Well Documented, Effective Array Of Tools And Techniques

Pete Vincent

“I have just completed Adam’s 2013-14 10 month Hypnotherapy Diploma Course and I loved it. I am happy I have graduated, but sad that those fun filled, interesting, mind expanding, supportive, friendly learning modules, with my fellow trainee hypnotherapists, are over.
I would highly recommend Adam’s course to anyone who wants to learn about hypnotherapy in a down to Earth, balanced way, free to adopt their own take on the subject without being forced to follow one particular way of thinking. Anyone doing this course will not only improve their own lives as a result of doing some of the tasks along the way, they will also be very well equipped and able to help other people using a well documented, effective array of tools and techniques. I particularly liked Adam’s sense of humour and style of teaching as well as meeting loads of new friends.”

Pete Vincent

Qualifying with Anglo-European College of Therapeutic Hypnotherapy has been life changing and one of my biggest achievements to date.

Qualifying with Anglo-European College of Therapeutic Hypnotherapy has been life changing and one of my biggest achievements to date. Adam is an amazing tutor, teacher and human being, who is not only passionate about hypnosis, but he also has a vast depth of knowledge and he adds humour into everything he does, which is sometimes just what you need as a student in order to feel really comfortable and engaged. Adam’s class assistants are also incredible and so supportive.

The course is very well structured, and Adam provided us with a lot of study materials, book recommendations and other resources. The course is demanding, it is not some sort of ‘get quickly and easily qualified’ type of course, but it is worth it. I have gained a lot of knowledge, but also practical skills- the course involved a lot of ‘hands-on’ work and I have been pulled out of my comfort zone o lot, but now I am so grateful for that. The course was eye-opening, and I feel that I have developed on a personal level too.

Stepanka Kuralova

A True Expert In their Field

Shaan White

“I attended Adam Eason’s Hypnotherapy Diploma Course in Bournemouth. Before investing in such a course it was important for me to find someone who was a true expert in their field and someone who I could learn from. Adam has this unique ability to turn what can at times be a very complicated topic into something that is easily digestible, fun and at times even humorous. It is this rare gift that makes Adam Eason easy to recommend. I also suffered several bereavements during the course and Adam’s caring and personable approach gave me the strength I needed to not only successfully complete the Diploma but pass with flying colours. I can only attribute such results down to Adam and his unrivalled support for his students. However make no illusion the course is tough, and this isn’t some sort of quick course you can do just to earn some money on the side. If you have the determination to work hard then you will pass the course.

I also recommend Adam as a fellow Hypnotherapist and trainer as well. I own several of Adam’s recordings and believe the recordings to not only be professionally put together with soothing background and well thought out music, but also very results orientated as well. I certainly do enjoy listening to them.”

Shaan White

A Whole New Career Path Open To Me

Sally Sayer

“Adam would be the first to say that hypnotherapy isn’t magic, but the time I spent on his hypnotherapy 2013/14 diploma course was possibly the most magical time in my life.

In addition to having gained my diploma qualification and having a whole new career path open to me, I have had the support of an inspiring group of self-motivated individuals, acquired some amazing skills, and my previous ‘fears, foibles and phobias’ have vanished.

As with most things in life, you get out what you put in, and there is no upper limit on how much study you can do to enhance your knowledge beyond the minimum requirements for the diploma. But the course is also very experiential. If I hadn’t done Adam’s course I may never have known, for example, that I can experience feelings and sensations as colours or shapes that can be manipulated in my imagination to alter the way I feel. Thank you so much Adam!”

Sally Sayer

Inspiring and well thought out

Elisa Di Napoli
“I found Adam’s course (CBH) inspiring and well thought out. Adam is very well read and knowledgeable in the subject and far exceeded my expectations. He walks the talk and therefore is a good model as a teacher; he communicated in a way that was approachable and understandable, without any un-needed jargon, while at the same time maintaining a very high standard of teaching. As a result of the course I found a renewed enthusiasm in reading and learning as well as applying the material to real case studies. I found the course to be helpful at a practical level in allowing me to find an underpinning rationale to my practice as well as allowing me to personally overcome blocks in my own personal development, thereby giving me further proof of the efficacy of the treatments. The course will require a student to read and study well in order to become fully proficient as a cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist and  introduces the delegates to the best texts and sources of information for further reading and learning. I fully recommend Adam’s courses. He is a true professional as well as someone enjoyable and fun to talk to.”
Elisa Di Napoli

Personally Transformed For The Better

Lucy Hyde

I really did my research before choosing to train with Adam Eason. Having graduated several years ago, the skills I learned during my time at the college have enabled me to create a thriving practice, standing on my own two feet as a successful hypnotherapist and coach. In addition to learning a remarkably broad skillset and an astute awareness of the evidence base in this field, I found myself personally transformed for the better. People will tell you it’s difficult to make a good living in this industry. In my experience this is down to the quality and depth of training they receive. Students that graduate from this college do so fully equipped to begin practice immediately, and creating a busy, lucrative business is simply a natural progression. I continue to be involved with the Anglo European College and its thriving alumni community. One of the things I hear again and again from newcomers to the college, even veteran hypnotherapists, is their wish they had found it earlier. If you are looking for a comprehensive, rigorous, and thorough training in hypnotherapy that delivers a depth of knowledge, evidence base, and extensive practical skillset that sets you apart from the majority (by miles), nowhere is more highly regarded.

Lucy Hyde

Adam is my no. 1 recommendation

James Tripp

When people ask me who to train in hypnotherapy with in the UK, Adam is my no. 1 recommendation every time!

James Tripp

Discovering My Abilities Daily

ruth saint

“Becoming a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist is for me the biggest achievement to date. It is a very demanding course and there is a huge amount of coursework. There hasn’t been one day that I haven’t been pulled out of my comfort zone. I am amazed at how much I have achieved and how much I have progressed and grown as a person, and am still discovering my abilities daily.

Adam is an excellent tutor who adds a lot of humour to his teaching, many a class was filled with roars of laughter and I will miss them so much. As a tutor Adam is very honest and will bring out the very best in you — he’s dynamic, enthusiastic and will help you out in any way he can. In between sessions, he is at the end of the phone (when possible) and will always give you the benefit of his knowledge and expertise.

My choice to go with Adam was definitely for me the correct decision, and I will continue to have Adam as my supervisor.

Adam is much, much more than just a tutor, he is an outstanding teacher and an exceptional kind and helpful person who will be there to support you not only during the course, but long after.
Thank you, from one of your newly qualified students.”

Ruth Saint

Skillful And Passionate Hypnotherapy

Ken Chui

“If only Clinical Hypnotherapy as so skillfully and passionately taught by Adam Eason is available on prescription on the NHS, we will be saving millions of much needed funds that could be directed to other services.

Patients with such chronic and immensely challenging conditions- both for the patients and clinicians alike- such as Anxiety,Depression,IBS,Chronic Pain Syndromes and Insomnia to name just a few, will benefit hugely from skills that they can learn and use to help themselves and others.

Then and only then, will we have a truly world class health and well being NHS service that we can be all proud of.

It’s time to move away from over- reliance on drugs and medications and bring back self efficacy”

DR. Ken Chui
GP with Special Interest in Integrative Medicine

Demystifying Hypnosis And Its Use In Business

david nunn

“Adam gave one of the most inspiring and informative presentations to Weybridge Ecademy Club members demystifying hypnosis and its use in business. We were very impressed with his knowledge and insight into the human condition. His delivery certainly gave the members food for thought as well as a better understanding of what hypnosis is about and what it can do to help you personally and in business. If you are an aspiring stand up comedian, watch out for Adam who enjoys watching you amongst the audience.”

David Nunn
Weybridge Academy Club Leader

Knowledgable, Dynamic, Fun and a Master

richard ellis

“I had been searching for some time for a Hypnotherapy training course that would complement my existing skills when I came across Adams Web site. Immediately I felt he was just the person for me, knowledgable, dynamic, fun and a master of his own craft. I was not disappointed.

From the offset Adam sets the pace which is incredible. I found myself swept along by his enthusiasm and was eager to meet the high standards he sets both for himself and his students. Adam’s course was everything I imagined it would be and more. I was challenged, tested and found out more about myself in 10 months than I had in many years of self reflection.

The environment provided support and encouragement at all times and Adam goes beyond the call of duty with his time to ensure everyone’s needs are met. I have met a great cross section of people who have become dear friends and to top it off I am now a capable Hypnotherapist with a growing practice. I can’t recommend Adam highly enough.”

Richard Ellis

Inspiring And Innovative

angela suggett

“This course prepared me to run my own hypnotherapy business and significantly develop my own skills, and achieve many of my goals.

The course content is inspiring and innovative, as is Adam, however, be warned, major gains mean major effort. Not for the fainthearted or anyone who doesn’t want to have lots of great fun along the way, whatever your age!”

Angela Suggett

Exceeded Even My Own Expectations

alan herbert

“Having just completed Adam’s 10 Month Hypnotherapy Diploma Course, I can say what a fantastic journey it has been.

I started out with the intention of learning how to use Hypnotherapy to help others, and whilst I have exceeded even my own expectations where this is concerned, it is almost a by product compared to how much I have come to understand myself.

For anyone with an interest in being able to help and support others, or with an even greater wish to understand and appreciate who they are, this course is a must have.

I can only thank Adam and his charismatic style, for opening my eyes to the rich benefits of Hypnotherapy.

If you do just one thing for yourself this year — let it be this course.”

Alan Herbert

A Wealth Of Information On Hypnotherapy

jon abbot

“After searching for some time for a high quality course in hypnotherapy Adam Eason was recommended to me by a homeopath who had heard Adam speak at a business event. They were so impressed they couldn’t praise Adam highly enough. When I contacted Adam and was immediately impressed by his professionalism and personable nature so much so I decided this was the course for me.

Adam approaches teaching his course with an infectious enthusiasm, imparting a wealth of information on hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, subjects of which Adam is a cornucopia of knowledge.

Adam delivers this an action packed course (yes, you will be required to get up and get involved) with congruence and integrity, sharing from his vast professional and personal experiences, giving you invaluable skills as both a therapist and as a human being.

As well as giving you a thorough grounding in all the elements to become a skilled hypnotherapist Adam divulges many skills from the world of coaching and NLP which you then put into practise with your classmates making for a highly informative hands on and fun learning environment.

Take note, this course with Adam is life changing. You will be challenged as an individual, and in learning the therapeutic techniques Adam teaches, will discover new and interesting things about yourself, those around you and your interaction with your world. Over the 10 months of training with Adam I know myself and others on the course experienced wonderful and profound change which is a great way to learn and will allow you to apply the skills learnt all the better with your future clients.”

Jon Abbott

Well Worth The Time Invested

james coakes

“I saw Adam speak at the Bournemouth Ecademy and he is excellent, well worth the time invested. He delivers interesting material in a style that reminded me of a top level stand up comedian and it works well.”

James Coakes
The Team Building Company

Depth And Passion

tom evans

“Adam is one of the best, if not the best and most entertaining, speakers I have seen at an event. Beneath his light hearted presentation, of which many a stand-up comic would be proud, Adam shows much depth and passion for research and understanding into the human condition.”

Tom Evans
Author - 100 Years Of Ermintrude

My self-esteem and confidence has never been higher!


“I have just qualified as a Hypnotherapist with Adam Eason’s school and I can honestly say this course has completely changed my life, not only has this course provided me with all the knowledge and tools to work with to be a competent Hypnotherapist; it has helped me to truly develop and grow as a person. My self-esteem and confidence has never been higher! I cannot recommended this school enough”

Theresa Carter

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