Just a bit of fun on the blog today thanks to eternally funny Mr Alan partridge and his experiences with hypnosis.

Last year I shared the transcript of the time Alan Partridge was hypnotised on his pre-TV era radio show because I find it so hilarious. Today, for some fun, I thought I’d share the audio of that BBC4 radio show of his for you to have a listen to, it is great entertainment.

Alan was not only hypnotised on the radio. He was also hypnotised by famous “magician hypnotist” Tony Le Mesmer on his chat show on BBC TV. I love Tony’s hypnosis skills, especially using hypnosis to turn Alan into an owl and then his reaction to Ursula Andress making sexual advances in his car!… And I love the way Alan tries to make sense of what Tony does in the discussion prior to the hypnosis.

Alan Partridge never got that second series, but subsequent shows charting his life moving forward ensured he is still my comedy hero. I hope you enjoy this too, it is TOny Le MEsmer’s magic performance before he then hypnotised Alan on the TV show:


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