Last weeks brand new episode of South Park on the comedy central channel showed the sex addiction clinics of the US filled with famous male celebrities being taught how best to not get caught having frequent sex with a variety of women… Yet apologising publicly and admitting themselves into a sex clinic for their obvious addiction… I laughed out loud.

So let me ask a question…

Q: What do Tiger Woods, John Terry and Bill Clinton all have in common?
A: The best revenge – and antidote to a fall from grace – is performing well.

When you’re a superstar performer and you haven’t done anything to directly betray or cheat your adoring fans, all you have to do is let time pass to allow your fans to latch on to another star’s misfortune or tragic personal life, then return to the foray and perform well. You are then far easier to forgive and you may even reclaim your hero status.

The Chelsea fans do not care about John Terry’s shenanigans, as long as he plays well… And if he plays well in the England team this Summer in South Africa, his relationship with Wayne Bridge’s ex will be a distant light fading away.

What we’re seeing with Tiger Woods has less to say about him than it has to say about us.  And what is says about us is that we are so hungry, smitten and impressed by performance that it doesn’t matter at all whether we respect the performer as a person.

As I read elsewhere today:

Let he who is without sin hit a 300 yard tee shot down the middle of the first hole of the Masters with the eyes of the world upon you.” Absolutely.

Ok, got one hell of a busy day, back tomorrow…