Yes indeed, you better believe it… I am leaving the Southern shores of the Bournemouth seaside for a couple of weeks next year… And I am going to the stunningly beautiful city of York.

Not just for fun and recreation (although that is a by-product of what I’ll be doing there) but to run my Intensive Hypnotherapy Diploma course.

Now if that was not enough excitement for you to handle, I am delighted to add to that – I am going to have a co-tutor for this diploma… None other than my good friend, author, and incredibly talented Sophie Nicholls… In her home city of York.

Not only does York have the impressive York Minster (I did once call it a cathedral in an email to Sophie and she put me straight immediately – it is no mere cathedral, it is a minster – which are bigger, better and altogether more grand and impressive. If you join this diploma, you may want to heed my advice and never refer to it as a cathedral) it is steeped in history and beauty and our course venue will be right on the river in the centre of the city… I am very excited.

York is a two hour train journey from London and is very accessible indeed these days.

This diploma is going to be run in two intensive 9 day blocks of face-to-face tuition… With a further 350 hours of private study required to meet with the very high standards set by the hypnotherapy associations that accredit this qualification.

For dates, details, and further information about the course content, tootle along to the official York Hypnotherapy Training Diploma page on this website.

When you download the course prospectus and application form, if you reply and let us know you received it… I’ll send you on a free hypnosis session and a couple of my favourite ebooks that helped me get started in this field… What’s more, Sophie is going to also include an ebook of her own writing that is going to introduce you to some of her brilliant work.

I’m excited, this is going to be fun… We have a very attractive early bird offer that you’ll get when you download the course prospectus… Though it is available for a very limited period of time.

There you have it… If you are anywhere North of London and want to get trained in this marvellous field, here is your chance… Go get some further information.