Accessing your higher self is what today’s process is all about. Using hypnosis, for a variety of reasons, including enhancing problem solving, for example, we can make suggestions about accessing your higher self or an inner advisor of some kind.

The process here today is one which is designed to facilitate problem solving and enhance self-awareness.

Have some fun with your mind in this way and really allow it to create even more intimacy with yourself and help to develop the relationship you have with yourself.

The idea here is that you make a strong connection with the wisdom that you have acquired throughout the time of your life.

There are many versions of doing this, some people simply use this type of process as a way of accessing your higher self, other people explain it more logically in terms of mindfulness and others still just keep it in terms of problem solving through focused attention.

Recently here, I wrote about developing your intuition and teaching it rather than simply treating it like some demi-God, so in keeping congruent with that idea, it is important to apply some logic throughout this process. We are going to use a metaphor of your choosing for you to actually manifest and create your higher self in a way that is best for you and a way that you find to be most easy and responsive. Some people refer to it as the advisor, or the unconscious mind, you can adapt and find a way for this to fit in to what suits you and how you do things.

When you get in touch with yourself in such a way, you can examine issues and problems or obstacles in your life in such a way that you do not associate with them too much and can learn from them. You can then also ask your higher self for information and guidance on certain issues. This may lead to things that you have not been aware of or things that you already know but did not realise the importance of. At the end of a day, you can then even consult with your higher self or request assistance from it.

If you are going to use your higher self almost as if it were your own specialist counsellor, maybe consider taking some time out to have a good evaluation after a session of this kind and apply some logic and critical thinking to it all. You can discuss emotions and feelings and you may well experience more of them, so it is a very good practice to ensure that you do protect yourself from that stuff having any further influence upon you. Depressed people get more depressed when they keep running over the reasons why they are depressed. So if you are going to spend time allowing your higher self to counsel you, protect yourself from the emotions having any further influence upon you, or opt out of doing such an exercise.

You can even create a special place inside your mind which you use as a meeting place to meet up with your higher self and have these discussions and the special place prevents all that goes on within it from spreading anywhere else.

Your day-to-day rational thoughts may have been filtered and altered throughout your life and experience, and so the perspective of your higher self, your inner self may well shed new light on matters arising in your life.

Before you begin to communicate with yourself in this way, ensure that you note down in your mind or ideally on paper, your objectives. What do you want to achieve from doing this. What goal are you moving towards? What do you want to know? Be really specific. Be honest and open with yourself. Make this important and show yourself how important it is by taking the right time to do this.

Some basic guidelines for doing this is that firstly, you go over the period of time that you want to reflect on if that is what you are doing; examine your reactions, interactions and the behaviours you did. Evaluate the responses given by your higher self in the session and listen to it, be aware of it, notice it, really observe what it communicates with you. Then you can examine afterwards again.

Ok, so bearing all that in mind, here is a wonderful outline for communicating with your higher self  and beginning to communicate with it in a direct way, rather than simply relying on gut feelings or intuition that communicates with you sporadically.

Step One: Induce Hypnosis.
You can do so by any means you desire or know of. You can use the process in my Science of self-hypnosis book, use the free audio we give away on this website to practice or have a look at the following articles as and when you need them; they are basic processes to help you simply open the door of your mind:

Heavy Arm Self-Hypnosis Induction Method
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However, with this process, an induction is potentially too much activity, so I teach my clients how to adopt a hypnotic mindset and simply have a mindset that is positive and expectant. Again, to really understand the cognitive set of the hypnotic mindset, go grab a copy of my Science of self-hypnosis book where it is explained in simple but comprehensive terms.

Then, begin to use your imagination to create a favourite place or a favourite setting and follow the script. Make it as vivid as you can with images, sounds, smells and feelings. (You can adapt it to what is best for you)

Once you have truly got yourself absorbed in your favourite place, or a special place, follow these simple steps:

Step Two: Examine the place you are in and let a sense, a being, a creature, an essence manifest itself. Let it be created in the way that is right for you and allow yourself to establish eye contact with it.

It may be a person or spirit or creature, or anything else that represents itself. Let it take its time to develop and establish itself.

Even if you see nothing, let yourself sense the presence of them. Once they are there and established in as much detail as you can, move on to the next step.

Step Three: Introduce yourself to your higher self. be warm and welcoming and you may even ask for a name if you’d like to make it really personal.

Importantly though, ask them to join you and communicate freely and openly.

Needless to say, you just communicate politely and in a way you would with anyone you’d like to establish a respectful relationship with. Once this is done and you are introduced, comfortable and ready to start moving forward, go to step three.

Step Four: Remember that your higher self knows everything about you. They are you of course.

Within this session, you are going to establish a meaningful and intelligent dialogue. One which you may return to time and again if you are looking for help or even guidance or insight.

So if there is an issue you are working on or need help with or if there is something that has been concerning you in your life, this is ideal to begin to discuss with your higher self.

In relation to that matter or that subject, ask any realistic questions as you breathe out, and start to notice what answers you are given on any subsequent breath that you inhale.   This is your higher self’s reply.

Continue asking questions for a while and get yourself into the process and enjoying a dialogue.

Think to yourself about what and how your higher self replied. Evaluate the answers and give them some intelligent consideration. Also notice anything that was unclear, or that your higher self gave an unsatisfactory reply to; these things could be readdressed with other questions another time.

(You may consider asking what you need to do or ask for better information to be given)

Then move on to the next step when you feel it is a good time to do so.

Step Five:  The communication is going to be better the more you practice this. So ideally, set up a time to meet again, that is convenient for you both.

You might now make some statements as to what actions you are going to commit to as a result of the information you got today. Maybe make some statements to your higher self about how you are going to change or adapt in accordance with this – ideally pledge something that you can be held accountable for at the next meeting.

State how you are going to benefit by doing so too… This will help motivate you.

Be polite, thank your higher self, you may even like to embrace them in some way before you finish off with the final step…

Step Six: Each time you meet, you can allow your higher self to be in whatever form is right for then, so be flexible and open minded.

Take some time to relax after the conversation in your special place and feel at ease with it all. And then open your eyes, wiggle your toes and consider writing up what you learned, evaluating again and taking some action as a result.

And of course, attend your next meeting with your higher self!

Enjoy it. Use it as a means of not just relying on intuition and offering up some thought and consideration whilst developing your intuition in this way at the same time.

Have a fabulous weekend, I’ll be back on Monday.


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